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The blame falls on Baby


DaBaby released a new album, BLAME IT ON BABY, on April 17th

Needs a photographer on the feature image. 

Johnathan Kirk, better known by his stage name DaBaby, has exploded on to the music scene over the last year. With previous works Baby On Baby and KIRK in 2019 charting extremely well for any artist, much less one so new on the scene, he has already established himself as one of the hottest artists in the game. Hit tracks such as “Suge” and “BOP” have allowed DaBaby to appear alongside many other artists on hit songs, including collaborations with artists such as Drake, the Migos, Lil Baby, Future, Megan The Stallion, Gucci Mane, and many more, including an appearance on 2019’s XXL Freshman Cover.

Previous to the album’s release, DaBaby released a single titled “Find My Way,” which seems like a departure from the rest of DaBaby’s music to this point. Much more of a song than purely rapping, DaBaby finds a way to switch his style up a bit which has been arguably his biggest criticism to this point. While not personally as enjoyable as the larger body of his work, I respect and welcome a little more flavor to the exciting but sometimes repetitive tracks from him.

This album is loaded with stars of the game, having features with Quavo, Future, Roddy Ricch, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Ashanti, and Megan The Stallion. The album is 13 songs long with a runtime of 33 minutes, so it looks to be a lot of material in a short time which is where I think DaBaby excels. I have very high hopes for this album and have been looking forward to its release over this week, so let’s get into it.

Starting with the first track “Can’t Stop,” DaBaby immediately comes in with a bouncy, bass heavy beat signature to his music and a typical flow pattern as well. A fitting opening to his album, DaBaby’s braggadocios style and punchlines are very present in this song, although the hook could use a little work to make the song a little better.

Moving on to “Pick Up” with Quavo, a much darker beat is instantly forcing your head to bop along to the track. DaBaby delivers a standard verse and hook, followed by Quavo delivering a standard verse. There is nothing spectacular about this track, and it feels like it ended too soon, but it certainly was not bad either. I love the pairing of DaBaby and the Migos as seen on the track RAW S*** on DaBaby’s previous album, but this one feels undercooked and like they could have come up with something more had a little more time been spent on it, a continued problem with Migos songs.

Next up is “Lightskin S***” with Future and producer jetsonmade. A beat that sounds like a Minecraft YouTuber intro from 2013 is on this track, and DaBaby again delivers a good not great verse before handing the reins to Future who does his thing. A really awkward end to Future’s verse leads into the short hook to end the song.

Something I’m noticing up to this point is that while DaBaby isn’t performing terribly on this album, it seems like a departure from the flair of his previous albums. While only three tracks in, we have a standard intro track followed by a rushed feeling song with Quavo who comes with a copy/paste Migos verse, and then Future who I just personally don’t click with. Like I stated earlier, DaBaby shines in shorter songs because of his repetitive flow, but his punchlines and catchiness are what make his songs great, and he hasn’t given himself the means to accomplish that so far. Hopefully, the rest of the album is as good as expected.

“Talk About It” is closer to the DaBaby I was expecting on this album. The video game, bass heavy beat is strong in this track and DaBaby gives two decent verses. Not making it on my playlist, but more songs like this one are what this album needs to become a hit.

The next song, “Sad S***,” opens with DaBaby…singing? At first I thought they were uncredited vocals, but it is actually DaBaby on autotune, singing like Future on “King’s Dead” for the first minute of the track until he switches back to his normal flow. I thought he was done, until I realized the singing was the hook. Like on “Find My Way,” I appreciate a little diversity in the album. It certainly is a different kind of track, but I’m not a fan of DaBaby singing. You have to try everything once to see how it sounds, but I hope this doesn’t return on future projects.

“Find My Way” is the next song and has a nice guitar in the back and a much nicer use of autotune after hearing the previous song, but I won’t talk about this one too much since we’ve heard it already.

The song I was most excited for is next, “Rockstar” featuring Roddy Ricch. Roddy gets into his Young Thug bag, using a very similar flow to the longtime hip-hop artist. DaBaby again decides to go for a more melodic approach to better fit with Roddy’s style, and it just isn’t doing it for me.

Thus far the two best tracks in my opinion are “Can’t Stop” and “Talk About It,” songs where DaBaby is closest to home and doesn’t have features taking away from the overall vibe of the song.

“Jump” with YoungBoy Never Broke Again is the best track on the album so far. Both artists are super high energy, the track doesn’t overstay its welcome, but it feels finished. The beat forces you to pay attention to the artists here and is very unique. DaBaby isn’t singing, both artists’ verses are fun to listen to, and YoungBoy kills the hook. While I’m not a huge fan of YoungBoy, he provides a certain chemistry with DaBaby on this song that really puts everything together for me. I really like this one.

“Champion” is DaBaby singing again. It just doesn’t sound good. He’s using his normal flow and cadence that makes his songs great but he’s auto-tuned and singing while doing it and it ruins the song for me. Without autotune, this song is nice.

“Drop” is the next track on the album, and it features A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and producer London On Da Track. DaBaby is auto-tuned yet again, and he uses the formula very present on this album: hook, DaBaby verse, hook, guest verse, hook, end. These songs just don’t feel natural to me, and I’m beginning to dislike the listen at this point. I enjoy almost all of the artists on this project on their own, and I was excited to see them come together here, but it feels like wasted potential. Maybe it’s due to being on lockdown and not being able to have both the artists and the producer in the same room, but these tracks don’t feel polished for me.

Next up we have the title track “Blame it On Baby.” This song is lyrically fantastic, but I was in anticipation waiting for the beat to drop the entire song. It feels like it should link perfectly into the next song on the album as the beat doesn’t trail off at the end either. DaBaby switches his flow three or four times on the song and shows his versatility when the beat switches to something else without singing, but I’m left feeling like I’m at the top of a rollercoaster and it won’t go down the drop.

It does not link into “Nasty.” With Ashanti and Megan The Stallion helping out with this one, it’s a little longer, and also very sensual. Megan absolutely bodies this track with her aggressive flow and quick hitting punchlines similar to what DaBaby would do on his previous two albums. Ashanti provides a nice singing voice to listen to for the hook and outro. DaBaby.

“Amazing Grace” is the final song on this album. Very similar to the intro track; it isn’t anything special but isn’t bad by any means.

Overall, I did not enjoy this album. The singing and autotune is a phase a lot of new artists go through as they try to grow and increase their skillset and creativity, but it did not work for DaBaby. Outside of that, this album is extremely safe and formulaic. Outside of “Jump,” there is really no noticeable difference between tracks outside of the autotune. Most of the verses from DaBaby are very similar in length and style.  The same goes for whole songs. The features seem like additions simply for the sake of their name and don’t add a lot to the songs or the project as a whole.

I give the album a 4/10, with the best song far and away being “Jump” with Young Boy Never Broke Again.

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Buisnesses and people make PPE for health care workers


photo via Kathy Willens under the creative commons license

Nurse outside of Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx protesting for more PPE.

The healthcare industry is facing a crisis of PPE shortages that they can use to combat COVID-19.

PPE is important for healthcare staff to have because it’s one of the only things they have to protect them from contracting the virus. Doctors and nurses are being forced to use the same N95 mask for multiple shifts in a week or even more than a week due to the shortage because the regular population is overstocking the masks.

The worst shortage has been in New York.  Doctors are fighting a huge amount of cases due to their huge state population and the concentrations of so many people in New York City. Doctors in New York have resorted to wearing garbage bags as gowns since they have run out of gowns and need to be protected.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. Under Creative Commons License
This the proper PPE that all doctors battling COVID-19 should be provided with.

Using garbage bags and other supplies for PPE are affecting doctors and nurses in very harmful ways. Kious Kelly who is an RN in New York passed away due to contracting the coronavirus after not having the correct and required gowns, he later had to resort to wearing a garbage bag to protect himself and that ultimately failed him. Another ER doctor, Dr. Frank Gabrin had contracted the virus after wearing the same mask for four days while treating COVID-19 patients. He later died in his apartment in the arms of his husband.

Those two aren’t the only doctors and nurses who have passed away from no protection. The Guardian stated that at least three NHS doctors, two nurses, and one midwife have all passed away due to contracting the virus. The Guardian also listed these statistics: 72% of doctors cannot get a hold of an FFP3 mask when needed, 77% report shortages of long-sleeve gowns, 43% cannot find or use a visor or goggles when they need to use them.

The Doctor’s Association UK found and stated that 49% of medics performing procedures can’t always access a gown.  42% said they couldn’t find an FFP3 mask and 20% couldn’t find proper eye protection. Not having proper protection while fighting this virus in close conditions, is causing many doctors, nurses, and medical officials to have a lot of anxiety since they’re worried about contracting COVID-19.  Many doctors and nurses are protesting outside of hospitals saying that they need more PPE desperately and are pleading people to not hoard masks and gloves so that they can do their job. All doctors and medical professionals of all kinds need proper protection from the virus so that they can fight this virus and help reduce the number of cases in the US.

One of the worst states that are experiencing COVID-19 is Washington. Washington has over 10,224 cases and has had 491 deaths so far. They were running on barely any PPE and were in desperate need of more. It was stated that over half a million items came from donations, 1.5 million items came from the national stockpile, and almost 3.9 million items from suppliers. That is almost 6 million new PPE items. All the items they received are going right to those who are working on the front lines. With all of these supplies, Washington healthcare systems and workers can efficiently treat COVID-19 patients without having so much anxiety that they are going to contract the virus.

Brendan Mcdermid Under The Creative Commons License
A nurse protesting outside of a hospital saying they need more PPE items badly.

LEGO is currently making 13,000 face visors a day for frontline workers in Denmark.  It may not be in the US but the company LEGO is located in Denmark. The company modified some of its molding machines so they would be able to make face visors for those fighting the virus efficiently.

According to the Business Insider, the company said, ” This week we began to make visors at our factory in Billund for health care workers in Denmark that are on the front lines.”

The visors created have a simple design that LEGO created and drafted with the help of Denmark’s health sector. The masks were designed to provide an extra level of protection between the healthcare worker’s eyes and those patients that have COVID

-19. This video has  even more information about what LEGO is doing and also shows the design of the face visors.

Many big companies and just ordinary people are going out of their way and making PPE from their home or company warehouses to help hospital staff that needs it desperately. A San Diego nurse Vanessa Dangerfield’s husband used his creative talents and made a 3D printing program to make the headband part of visors. His community now has 200+ visors made and ready for healthcare workers to use which is a huge relief for his community.

Photo by Wikipedia under the creative commons license
The University Of New Mexico is creating PPE for healthcare workers in New Mexico.

The University of New Mexico is also making a huge impact on nurses and doctors. The university just received a 500,000 dollar grant from the U.S Air Force to develop a 3D printing hub. In this 3D printing hub, they will be able to efficiently make facemasks and face shields for healthcare providers in their community. As of last Sunday, they can produce 500-700 masks a week, and they are hoping to produce more once they are tested by the Air Force and Sandia Labs.

Christina Salas who is with the University of New Mexico stated in an interview, “As soon as we confirm that the printing methods we are using and the material type were using is adequate for the purchase that they are planning on purchasing double and triple the supplies they did before.”

A family in Granville, Ohio transformed their garage into a place where they are producing many face mask shields after figuring out they can efficiently make face shields using a laser cutter and engraving machine. So far they have been able to make a total of 80 shields and plan to make more. They also created a Go Fund Me so they can keep buying the materials and resources they need to continue to make more shields for healthcare workers.

Another way the general population can help at home is to create fabric or cloth reusable masks, which are very easy to make with fabric, elastic and a sewing machine of some kind. JoAnn Fabrics created a free at-home mask creating kits with different patterns of fabrics and elastic so people who love to sew can help out health care workers and allow them to have a better layer of protection.

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Music Industry


Charlie Monson

Artists all over are going live to perform for fans, in the comfort of their homes. In this picture Juliet Simms (top left), Conan Gray (top right), Palaye Royale, Tyler Joseph, and Spencer Sutherland (left to right).

With the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing has been put in place, restricting the gathering of crowds. This has resulted in the cancellation and postponement of many music festivals, tours, album release parties, dance clubs, venues, and concerts. One of the biggest being the cancelation of Coachella and having it be pushed back to October of this year. 

When you take a look into the music industry, there are far more people affected by these cancelations then just the performer or entertainer. Think about all the people and money it takes to create, promote, and release an album. Then to put together a tour, book all the venues, create a setup for the show, and then to put on a good production. When you take all that hard work, and time, and stop it, it’s devastating. It can leave thousands of people without jobs, especially when that job is performing for crowds across the country. 

This cancellation is a big slap in the face to touring musicians and those who aren’t quite fortunate just yet to be selling out arenas. Independent artists thrive on album releases and those first few tour dates to make a living. With that loss, you could compare it to a “farmer losing their crops.”  That analogy is from independent Nashville singer-songwriter Caleb Caudle. He is one of many artists who postponed their tours until later, safer dates. 

Of course, many artists and musicians are trying to find a positive among all this uncertainty. Having your job be put on hold is heartbreaking, but making sure the fans, themselves, and their teams are safe is better than putting them at risk. To make it up to fans, some artists are going live to put on mini-concerts from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Many of them, however, are eager to return to a stage to perform for fans around the world, once we are all safe that is.

In the meantime, help support artists during this time by tuning into their Instagram lives, follow and support them on social media, and stream their music. Maybe you’ll discover a new band or artist while we all have this extensive amount of free time on our hands.

To help and learn about the symptoms and precautions you should be taking to help stop the spread of COVID-19, please go check out the CDC’s website about the coronavirus. Please stay safe so we all can return to watching our favorite musicians perform live.

For more on the cancelations, Rolling Stone has got an extensive list regarding everything canceled thus far.

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Coping with anxiety during a global pandemic

With almost 2,000 cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota alone, the days of pretending the virus isn’t a big deal are over. As the Global Pandemic causes fear and anxiety in many and makes those with preexisting mental health concerns worse, there are a few steps you can take to relieve anxiety and keep you safe.

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the globe, many are struggling with increased anxiety and depression. According to a survey done by the mental health charity Young Minds, which included 2111 people up to age 25 from the UK with a history of mental illness, 83% said the pandemic made their conditions worse. 26% said they were unable to access support for their conditions as face-to-face services have canceled and some found online resources hard to navigate. 

While everyone may react differently to the virus, the CDC says first responders dealing directly with the virus, at-risk patients, people with pre-existing mental health problems, children, and teens are more at risk of increased anxiety. According to The Planet, the effect of the pandemic could have serious consequences on young people’s mental health. Children with mental health issues or learning disabilities may find lockdown and the disruption of their routine frustrating. They may begin to lack motivation and find it hard to get out of bed, to shower, or otherwise take care of their bodies. 

There seems to be a gap in information when it comes to children’s mental health during a pandemic. Some information was gathered after the SARS outbreak, but there is little to no information about the effect on children. Plus, if children or adults are in lockdown in abusive households, there is nowhere for them to go. The Planet states that in Jianli county in Hubei Province, China, the reports of domestic violence have more than tripled during the lockdown, going from 47 cases last year to 162 cases this year. Child abuse, neglect, and exploitation have also been reported in increasing numbers. 

A global pandemic can affect different people in a myriad of ways. Some common reactions to COVID 19 according to the CDC are concerns about regular medical care or community services, feeling isolated, especially if you live alone, guilt from the increased dependence on loved ones, and increased levels of distress in people with pre-existing mental health issues. 

While this time may be stressful, there are ways to cope with the new feelings. It is important to establish a routine in times of stress. According to the CDC, people struggling with stress in times of crisis should follow specific steps to reduce anxiety.

  1. Take regular breaks from the news, including any social media, because constantly hearing news about pandemics can be upsetting.

  2. Take care of your body by stretching or meditating, eating healthy, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and finding an exercise routine.

  3. Keep your environment clean, a cluttered space could lead to increased anxiety. Find time to unwind and do activities you enjoy.

  4. Connecting with others and talking to friends and family about how you are feeling can help destress. 

If you notice any friends or family struggling with mental health or fears about the COVID 19 virus, the CDC recommends a few steps you can take to help them. If they are more susceptible to the virus, you could offer to bring them medication or groceries or teach them the above methods of coping. However, while caring for a loved one, it is important to also care for yourself and make sure both you and your loved ones stay healthy. 

The ADAA  has a few tips for those who were already struggling with mental health before lockdown started. They include reframing your thoughts, turning thoughts like “I’m stuck at home” to“I can finally focus on myself and things around the house that need to get done.”

Try to maintain a routine and take care of your body, including waking up at your normal pre-lockdown time, showering, and getting out of pajamas. Avoid obsessing over the news by setting regular intervals of limited time to browse the news and picking good, credible websites.

Try to establish boundaries between school or work, and home life. Try eating dinner at the table and working at a desk. Incorporate a new ritual into your routine to fill time, like going on walks or having regular face-time calls with friends and family.

Finally, if you find your anxiety becoming unmanageable, reach out to a professional. Many psychologists are offering their services over video platforms. 

If a health care provider thinks you should be separated from others and you are quarantined at your home, the CDC asserted the following emotional reactions could occur: mixed emotions, including feelings of guilt, fear, and worry, stress from the experience, sadness, anger, or frustration because of your friends or loved one’s fear of the disease, guilt of not being able to perform normal work tasks. 

As the pandemic spreads, it continues to have a disastrous effect on the economy. According to the New York Times, stocks are plummeting mostly due to the historic low in retail sales and a slump in factory output. This came as a shock to many as stocks in the United States were climbing and preparing for the eventual rebound. Europe’s economy is expected to fall 10 percent from April to June. 

While there is a lot of bad news during the pandemic, it is important to recognize the good in the world too. The internet is a wonderful tool that helps you connect with friends and family that you might not see otherwise. The global response to future pandemics will be improved with experience. Some charities and medical health providers have stepped in to help, including major health insurance offering to cover care and testing, celebrities and athletes donating resources to those that the virus hit financially, new legislation offering paid sick days, and free testing for those without insurance. According to the conversation in the UK just two weeks after the lockdown was declared, the NO2 levels fell as much as 60%.

While the COVID-19 virus spreads, so can the feeling of anxiety. Keep informed of the latest on the virus and take the steps necessary to take care of your mental health.

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Sartell Anglers’ Corner: Bass Fishing

Baits That All Anglers Should Learn


Peyton Henkensiefken

From left to right; Jig, Walking Frog, Neko Rig, Spinnerbait

 There are many different techniques when it comes to bass fishing, but here are a couple that all anglers should learn to use.

First, would be a jig, which I believe is one of the most versatile baits out there. There are many different styles and types of jigs.  You have swim jigs, football heads, flipping jigs and many more. There’s also many companies that produce jigs, but at the end of the day when you are just getting started, any jig will work. 

You can fish a jig in almost any cover. You can fish it on the breaklines with a slow hopping retrieve. It could be flipped in pads, rice, reeds, or lay down trees. It is one of the best and most popular baits for fishing docks as well. 

The next technique all anglers should learn to use is a wacky rigged worm, or a neko rig. A wacky rig is one of the easiest and inexpensive techniques out there. You take any soft plastic stick bait and a small 1 or 2 sized hook. The neko rig is basically the same thing, you just add a nail weight to the fat end of the stick bait. 

Neko and wacky rigs can be fished in the same locations. They are very good early spring baits when the spawn is happening. They can be fished around docks and lay down trees. They work well on the edges of pad and rice flats. If you find a breakline that doesn’t have super thick heavy cover, they will work well.

The third technique I think all anglers should learn to use is some sort of bladed moving bait. This could be a chatter bait or a spinnerbait. These are two baits that are excellent in the spring and in the fall, when water temperatures are about 50 degrees to 65 degrees. They will work still in the warmer water, the fish will just be a little more picky with what they want to eat. 

These two baits work extremely well in the springtime when the pad and rice flats aren’t fully grown in. You can swim them across the tops of the vegetation that is there. If you ever have a time when you can see baitfish surfacing, that would also be a good time for one of these 2 baits.

Another technique all anglers should learn is a top water frog. Like the jig, there are several different producers of these and a few types: popping frogs, walking, and gliding. All of these are very good options and will all catch fish. I personally prefer a SPRO walking frog. Topwater frogs will produce all year and will be one of the most visual and exciting bites you get.

Frogs are really nice for working pad and rice flats.  They slide right over all the cover and very rarely get stuck. They also work fairly well on shallow open water flats of grass or around lay down trees and docks. 

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Sartell Anglers’ Corner: Spawning

Fishing Spawning Bass


Peyton H

These are some of the baits that were talked about.

Spring time can be one of the most fun times to go bass fishing, at the same time it can be one the most difficult times to actually catch fish. The fish can move from one area of the lake to a totally different depth and area in a very short period of time. Bait selection is extremely crucial this time of year.

In the spring, bass are spawning, and there are three stages of the spawn. Prespawn, spawn, and post spawn. 

The prespawn is early spring, from the time the ice is off the lakes until the water temperature reaches about 60-62 degrees. Fish can be found in areas leading to big shallow flats. This can be in water depths from 14 to 4 feet of water.  This will depend on the body of water you are on. 

In the prespawn, there are a handful of baits that I use. Most of the time I will use whites, or lighter, more dull colors. My go-to is a swimbait; these can be fished in all water depths. I use this mainly as a search bait to locate the fish. When fishing a swimbait, you can fish it really fast and reel it right back to the boat, or fish it slow and reel it slowly, maybe throw a couple of pauses in there.

Another bait I use frequently is a chatterbait. You can fish this the same way you would a swimbait. Those are two baits that work the middle part of the water column. The next two baits I use are a jig or a swim jig. A swim jig you can fish the same way as the swimbait and chatterbait, and it will be higher in the water column. The regular jig is fished on the bottom, and usually has a different head design and a more rounded hook. A wacky rigged senko is one of the last resorts in my opinion; it is the slowest of all of these techniques. 

Next, the fish will move into the spawn. This is when the fish are usually on their beds and laying eggs. The majority of the time spawning bass will be found in shallow areas that have deep water very close. Always be looking for the warmest water during the spring and current if you can as well. 

I will use all of the same baits during the spawn as I would in prespawn, along with a couple more additional baits and techniques. I would now be working in more baits that will fish the bottom better. This can be any Texas rigged soft plastic. Fish these slower on the bottom to agitate the fish more. Slow rolling a spinnerbait will also be very effective right now. As fun as it is catching the fish off of beds, longer casts will more likely than not allow you to catch more fish. Remember that the fish can hear you and see you, before you ever even know they are there. More finesse baits, like a drop shot, ned rig, or a shaky head will be very effective during these times as well.

The spawn can happen really fast.  It can start and finish in just a couple of days, and then the fish will go into their post spawn, summer time areas of the lake. The same shallow areas they spawned in will still hold fish, and not all fish spawn at the same time, but you can start looking at deeper weedlines for schooling fish. For more detail on this you can read my article on breaking down a new lake

A lot the same baits from the prespawn and spawn will play big roles in the summer and post spawn times. More of the bottom fishing baits, such as a jig, Texas rig, senko, drop shot, and ned rig will excel in the deep water. 


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WHO releases guidelines for easing restrictions


Screen shot from the World Health Organization website

This is the WHO Logo.

On Tuesday last week, the World Health Organization released their six guidelines for determining when society is ready to get back to normal after the coronavirus epidemic. Their six guidelines are as follows:

  1. Disease transmission is under control. This is somewhat subjective as under control can have different meanings for different people. In any case, we are not there at this time. 
  2. Health systems are able to detect, test, isolate, and treat every case and trace every contact. While large strides have been made, the healthcare industry has not come up with a test that has been deemed sufficient for widespread use. Tests currently being used are not very accurate, with many presumed cases of COVID-19 coming back negative despite showing all of the symptoms. 
  3. Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable places. These places can include places like nursing homes where the population is more at risk than the general population. Another hot spot would be places like schools and convention centers, where large numbers of people gather together and are also in relatively close proximity to one another. 
  4. Schools, workplaces, and other essential places have established preventative measures. Many businesses that have gone to working from home as well as schools doing distance learning do not currently have preventative measures in place to bring students and employees back together, however, these procedures are being discussed. 
  5. The risk of importing new cases can be managed. This echoes #2 in that an accurate test must be developed with results that can be acquired in a shorter period of time. 
  6. Communities are fully educated, engaged, and empowered to live under a new normal. This will take time. Society as a whole is not ready for restrictions to be eased. Many are afraid of loved ones who are at risk of contracting the virus, and many more are afraid of catching it themselves. While many are somewhat educated on the virus many more are either uninformed or misinformed. 

The future of society after the pandemic is subject to speculation. However, we first need to lessen the spread and once these guidelines are met, maybe we can finally get back to normal.

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V’s Quarantine Playlist

I love listening to music; I have many different playlist for my many different moods. During this time of quarantine I have been into the more sad and slow tempo songs. These are a few of my favorites at the moment.

“I love you”- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Album of the year cover

I love this song because it is very somber. This song makes me feel as if I am driving in the rain on a peaceful silent night. There are many different ways to interrupt the song, but I like to think the song is about a complicated relationship where the guy keeps saying “I love you” to her but his actions say otherwise. She loves him, but she does not want to because of what he does. The relationship is toxic.

“When the party’s over”- Billie Eilish

Like many of Billie’s songs, this song has multiple meanings. There is a line in the song where she says “I’ve learned to lose you can’t afford to.” To me this means she has learned to cope with him leaving all the time but each time he leaves, she becomes more depressed and more damaged. Another lyric is “Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin.”  I think this means every time she was in pain or not happy, she tried to fix it herself and make it better. This song is one of her more emotional ones; it is not hard to miss once you listen to the song.


“Supalonely”- BENEE Ft. Gus Dapperton


BENEE says the song is exactly what the title of it is. She says, “This one is a super self-deprecating song where I just poke fun of myself being sad.”

Although this song is a bit depressing, it has an amazing beat that makes you want to get up and dance. I relate to this song because a lot of the emotions she speaks of I tend to have more times a week than I can count.

Brent Faiyaz



“Trust”- Brent Faiyaz

In the music video for this song, Brent is surrounded by many friends, yet he is preoccupied. He is hesitating to trust a woman he is involved with. The uncertainty of his feelings for this woman is affecting his everyday life. The lyrics and the visual approach to this song gives a great perspective into Brent’s mind and his emotions.




Surfjan Stevens

“Mystery of Love” – Sufjan Stevens

This song is in the movie Call Me by Your Name.

Surfjan said: “I wanted the song to feel aesthetically and emotionally like independent works that could live on its one.”

He did not want the song to correlate to the narrative of the movie too much. It is a song about a complicated love that is a mystery to both parties involved.



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The Quarantine Diaries: Day 9


Jordan Wenshau

This is me being responsible and doing my online school. No this was me making my Pinterest board.

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. Haha, just kidding. I’m Jordan Wenshau, and you’re reading The Quarantine Diaries.

Today is entry #9, and it feels like every other day of quarantine. I’m going bonkers! I want a change so now that my room has been cleaned, I think I’ll rearrange it. There’s not a ton of options for my room though, because I have a big desk built into my back wall. I’ll figure something out.

Today’s challenge is to rearrange your room too! A change of scenery will certainly lift your spirits. If you’re unsure about switching everything up, try creating a Pinterest board of your dream room. That will keep you busy for hours. And, it might help spark some much-needed inspiration. Have fun with it! 🙂

P.S. Here’s the link for my Pinterest board I started! It definitely got me excited to change things up in my room.

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Photo of Jordan Wenshau
Jordan Wenshau, Journalist

Jordan Wenshau is a junior at Sartell High School. She is one of six kids. Her favorite hobbies include singing, cooking, writing, reading, drawing, and...

The Quarantine Diaries: Day 8


Jordan Wenshau

This sticky note is a visual representation of my state of mind right about now.

Welcome! Thank you for attending my mental breakdown. Haha I’m just kidding. I’m okay. I bet I got you though.

So, today is the day that I finally face off with the massive pile of laundry in the corner of my room. It’s been building up since the beginning of quarantine. This will be my last step in cleaning my room. I’ve been dreading it, but it must be done.

Part of me is almost excited to do my laundry though. Maybe I’m going crazy, or maybe I just need a break from my same old routine. Either way, the laundry is going to get done. So if you haven’t already, go destroy the laundry monster in your bedroom too.

I wish you the best of luck. 🙂


About the Contributor
Photo of Jordan Wenshau
Jordan Wenshau, Journalist

Jordan Wenshau is a junior at Sartell High School. She is one of six kids. Her favorite hobbies include singing, cooking, writing, reading, drawing, and...

The Quarantine Diaries: Day 7


Jordan Wenshau

Obviously, it's too cold to go outside. But it's never too cold to read a book.

Welcome back! I hope all is well with you today. I for one, am getting sick of Minnesota’s games. One day, it’s sunny and almost 70º and the next, it’s snowing. Make up your mind Minnesota!!

It doesn’t help that one of the only things we can do during quarantine is going on walks, which is impractical in this bipolar climate. At this point, I’m running pretty low on ideas for things to do. I’ve gotten pretty far down my list of 40 things to do during Quarantine.

I think today for the creative challenge, you can go outside and make a snow angel. Nah, I’m kidding but I wouldn’t judge if you did. The real challenge is not super creative, but it’ll feel really good to get done. Clean your room! Organize your closet and drawers. You have all the time in the world right now, so seize the day! Happy cleaning 🙂

About the Contributor
Photo of Jordan Wenshau
Jordan Wenshau, Journalist

Jordan Wenshau is a junior at Sartell High School. She is one of six kids. Her favorite hobbies include singing, cooking, writing, reading, drawing, and...

“Hey, Good News!” spreads a positive message


Photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons license

Many people have been loving the warmer spring weather and getting outside during quarantine.

Since quarantine began in March, countless people have been left unemployed. Weddings, Broadway shows, and major sporting events have been cancelled. The United States has still not seen their peak in cases or deaths from the virus. These are just a few of the problems the COVID-19 pandemic has created. 

You have to search a little harder for good news during these dark times. However, it is extremely important to keep a positive mindset, despite all of the challenges going on. American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and writer Connor Franta recently uploaded a video on his channel called “Hey, Good News!”

It is a simple, six-minute video combining many short clips of people sharing positivity. The clips range from people sharing love for their pets to new talents they have learned. One woman shared that she has built up her self image during quarantine. 

All the ad revenue from the video is going to Feeding America. Franta encourages viewers to donate to the cause as well. He also recommends sharing a piece of good news with a friend. 

This video brightens my day, and I love the message it shares. It proves that even the littlest things can put a smile on someone’s face. The people in the video are not doing anything super exciting, but they are finding joy in what they are able to do. 

Small blessings, such as your grass turning green, can bring you joy when you take the time to notice them. The video does an amazing job of showing that a little gratitude can go a long way. 

The video equally highlights staying occupied. Keeping your mind busy is essential during quarantine. At times it can be easy to just lie down and ruminate about your issues. Put your shoes on for a walk or hit play on a new movie, and the hardest step of getting out of your head is already over.

Photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons license
Painting is a great hobby to take up during quarantine for art-lovers.

Trying new things is also beneficial right now. If you are bored, it is a great time to use the opportunity to try something you have always wanted to do. For example in the video, one woman’s good news is that she finally is working out. Another said she started streaming video games for the first time.

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine during quarantine, so you need to make the conscious decision to make the best of every day. Although, when you are at a low point mentally, it can be hard to find the motivation to do what makes you feel good. An easy way to boost your mood is to make someone else feel good. 

Your loved ones would love to hear from you. Franta’s video demonstrates that hearing from other people can be quite healing. You are one call away from putting a smile on someone’s face (and your own!)

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Lauren Wensel is a junior at Sartell High School. Her favorite subject is English, and she enjoys reading and playing sports in her free time. Her current...

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