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Some sports are eyeing a return in the near future


Courtney Kosloski

When will we be able to go to sporting events again?

The coronavirus pandemic is taking the world by storm taking out sports, group gatherings and keeps many people from seeing their relatives.

One of the biggest impacts in the United States is the postponement of sports until further notice. Many people are talking about having the sports return without fans, but some say that would defeat the purpose of playing the game because feeding off the crowd gives players energy and momentum.

Dr. Nate Favini, the lead doctor at Forward Health Care Services, says that he doesn’t believe that the sports will return anytime this year. He believes that it won’t be back up and running with fans and everything until later in 2021. Many other doctors have the same input on what they believe will happen with sports for the remainder of the year. 

Some say that it is way too risky and could possibly start another outbreak and cancel it for longer. Others say that if they have tests every couple days just to make sure everyone is healthy, and it’s okay to play then why do it with no fans. 

Nascar is going to be the first to start back up. They are eyeing a start nearing as close as two weeks away. Then they are thinking Major League Baseball will start June 1st and the regular season will start early July. NFL is still staying on track for the start of the year for early September and having training camps still late July early August. Many sports are eyeing a return in the near future but is it the the right thing to do?


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The Quarantine Diaries: Day 14


Jordan Wenshau

Even my cat is getting sick of me in quarantine.

Hello and welcome back to the Quarantine Diaries.

Today I have a quiz for you. It is to determine what type of person you have become in quarantine. There are six types: the Mom, the Tiktokker, the Rule Breaker, the Dog, the Zombie, and the Germaphobe. I’m not quite sure which type I am. I’m probably the Mom or the Dog, but I guess I will have to take the quiz to find out, and so will you!

Good luck, and have fun! 🙂 Click here to play!

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Sartell Anglers Corner: Shore Fishing

Shore Fishing Ponds, Lakes Rivers, and Streams


Peyton Henkensiefken

These are the three rods I would bring, the left one is for the finesse baits, the middle is for texas rigs and jigs, and the right is for the moving baits

Peyton Henkensiefken
These are some of the baits that I would bring along with me.

Not everybody has a boat to fish out of. This shouldn’t stop anybody from trying to fish. There are plenty of opportunities in our area to fish from the bank. You can fish ponds, rivers and lakes from the shore. 

In the Sartell community, there are many ponds that hold fishable populations of largemouth bass. We are also very lucky, because the Mississippi river runs right through town. 

When I go to fish a pond, lake, river or stream from the bank there are a couple baits that always come with. The first one would be a jig, 90% of the time it is going to be a ⅜ ounce jig. I suggest bringing three colors, and two of each color. Black blue, green pumpkin, and brown. Jigs are a very versatile bait that can be fished in any water depth, water clarity and any cover. Jigs can be fished on the bottom or you can use them as a swim jig.  Most importantly, they catch fish!

The next bait types I always have with me are Texas rigged soft plastics. This could be soft stick bait, a creature bait or a soft plastic worm. These are similar to a jig in the sense that they are fished on the bottom, except a Texas rigged plastic will have a more finesse look. Again I would bring a blue, green pumpkin and a more brown color.

The third bait type I would have along would be a very finesse style. This could be a ned rig, wacky rig or neko rigged stick bait, shaky head, or drop shot. These super finesse type techniques would be used when the bite is tough. Fishing these on the bottom and fishing them very slow will most of the time be the most beneficial. For these styles and techniques, green pumpkin, blues, purples and even an orange color would work.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to have some sort of moving or reaction type bait. Examples would be a swimbait, chatterbait, spinnerbait, crankbait or a swim jig. These types of baits are going to be fished faster and can be fished from the bottom all the way to the surface of the water. For these moving baits, white is always a good choice. For the crankbaits, a red color will work as well. For the swimbait, swim jig and swimbait, blues, blacks and green pumpkins work extremely well. 

When fishing from the shores, I usually bring three rods with me, one spinning rod and two baitcasters. I would bring one spinning rod for the super finesse baits, I would put 20 pound braid with a 10 pound fluorocarbon leader. This rod for me would be a 7 foot medium power rod.

The first baitcaster would be for the jig and texas rigged baits. This would be a 7 foot medium heavy power rod. I would put 15 to 17 pound fluorocarbon line on this one.

As for the moving baits rod, I prefer a slightly longer rod, about 7’2” medium power rod. For this I would put 15 pound fluorocarbon line on.

Hopefully, these tips will help you fish offshore.

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Five year old goes on joyride


photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

This is what a Lamborghini Hurricane looks like.

On May 4th, 2020, a five year old hailing from Ogden, Utah had a dream. He aspired to buy a Lamborghini, an incredibly expensive Italian car. While his mom was sleeping, Adrian Zamarripa grabbed the keys to her Dodge Durango and hit the road.

Adrian made it less than ten miles from his house before his journey came to an end. An officer of the Utah Highway Patrol observed Adrian driving on Interstate 15, traveling 32 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone. Adrian also had trouble keeping the Durango in one lane, causing other cars to swerve to avoid a collision. A traffic stop was initiated for what the patrol officer believed was a drunk driver, but encountered Adrian instead. After hearing of his plan, the officer made a phone call to his mother, who quickly came and picked up Adrian and her Durango. 

There were two fatal flaws in Adrian’s plan. First, Adrian was five years old. Adrian did not have a driver’s license, and he is not eligible for a Utah driver’s license until 2031, eleven years from now. Because of this, Adrian has never operated a car before, and certainly could not make it to California safely. According to Google Maps, there are 744 miles between Adrian’s house in Ogden and Lamborghini Beverly Hills, the dealership that was his intended destination. He would also have to battle traffic in the second most populous metropolitan area in the country, something experienced drivers struggle with. 

Second, Adrian was only five years old, making him ineligible for any employment. Adrian left his house in Ogden with $3 dollars in his pocket, most likely part of an allowance given to him by his mother. Looking at the website for Lamborghini Beverly Hills, the cheapest available Lamborghini is a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan, coming in at $178,990. Adrian would obviously not qualify for a loan from any bank, so even if he had made it all the way to the 90210, he would have been turned down for insufficient funds.

After receiving significant media coverage all around the country, Adrian caught a lucky break. A local entrepreneur from Provo, Utah named Jeremy Neves drove to Adrian’s house – in his Lamborghini Huracan. Adrian was ecstatic, and Jeremy drove Adrian around, showing him what it’s like to own and ride in a car that costs as much as a house. Later in the week, Adrian received more good news – the Weber County Attorney’s Office chose not to file charges against Adrian for his various traffic violations, but his mom still says he’s grounded.

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Analyzing the Vikings’ 2020 schedule


Dylan Krenz-Bertrand

The schedule for the 2020 NFL season has been released.

The schedule reveal is the last real piece of news from the NFL until training starts with rookie camps in the summer, and that news has come out as of May 7th. While the teams and locations of games have been known since the regular season ended, the scheduling has just been made known to the public, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Starting off with the preseason…

The Vikings host the Houston Texans, go on an Ohio run by visiting both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, and then wrapping it up by hosting the Seattle Seahawks. A lot of interesting things are going on with these games even though they don’t affect the team’s record. One key thing of note here is that the Vikings will visit the two teams they host in the preseason, both in October. With all of these teams, it will be a good test for the newer and younger Vikings defense going up against quarterbacks Deshaun Watson, 1st overall pick Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield, and Russell Wilson. The most important preseason game is always the third, which happens to be against new Browns head coach and former Vikings QB coach and offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

Moving on to the regular season games…

Minnesota opens up at home against the Green Bay Packers, the first time this has happened in franchise history. This is a huge game at any time of the year, and kicking off the season with a victory here would be crucial for the team’s success. A potential game for volatile results, I can see both teams winning this game due to the Vikings’ young secondary and rebuilt O-Line against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay defense, however these weaknesses can be mitigated if the rookies show up big early and the Vikings can force Rodgers into bad situations as he is aging and seems very unhappy with the Packers. A win here would shoot these teams into opposite directions far beyond the win/loss column.

The next game has the Vikings hitting the road to play the Indianapolis Colts. New Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers played the Vikings last year to the tune of three interceptions and a 39-10 defeat in Los Angeles and has only gotten older and now has to adjust to a new system in Indianapolis. I like seeing the Colts early in the year as they will be relying on several new pieces to their team and may not have all the kinks worked out, something the Vikings can certainly take advantage of.

The Vikings’ next opponent is the Tennessee Titans at home. The biggest problem with this matchup will be standout RB Derrick Henry who got the underdog Titans one game away from the Super Bowl last year. They also had QB Ryan Tannehill have a breakout year last season as well as a strong defense. A good early season test against a real contender in the AFC will be good for this team as an early litmus test.

The third straight AFC South opponent, the Houston Texans, host the Vikings in their fourth game. The Texans have faced a lot of turmoil over the offseason, and while they were formidable last year, they were somewhat shaky and are certainly not the same team they were last year, however it is always dangerous to play Deshaun Watson wherever you are and no matter who’s playing with him.

The gauntlet of the first five games featuring four playoff teams ends with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Vikings on Sunday night, a seemingly annual occurrence of a prime time game in Seattle for Minnesota. Last year, the Vikings came very close to beating Seattle without Dalvin Cook for half of the game, so if the team is healthy this may be a game that we can take away from another NFC competitor.

Returning from a two game road trip, the Vikings return home to play the Falcons. Atlanta was one of the worst teams in the league for most of the season last year, but went on a tear late and ended up with a respectable record which likely saved head coach Dan Quinn’s job. It is tough to say how good Atlanta will be next year as they still haven’t fully recovered from their Super Bowl 51 loss, but the Vikings should take them seriously as they are sandwiched in between two tough opponents.

The Vikings get a bye for their seventh week of the season, a good location roughly halfway through the season. Looking ahead at the opponents after the bye, the schedule gets drastically easier at this point in time, however it is impossible to tell until after the season has concluded.

Their first opponent out of the bye is a road game at Green Bay. The Vikings will get both games against the Packers following extended periods of rest which gives a massive advantage to the Vikings, especially with the Packers playing two tougher road games leading up to this one. I can actually see this game being easier for the Vikings despite it being on the road because of the bye and with the young players having significantly more experience.

The second of three divisional games for the Vikings has them hosting the Detroit Lions. This is an under the radar team that may end up competing for the division crown, and the first meeting between these two teams is very important to get ahead in the division race, especially after both Green Bay games have already been played.

The Vikings visit Chicago for their last road game in potentially cold weather of the year in mid-November for a Monday night game against the Bears, their second and final primetime game of the year barring flexing the schedule later in the year. While Chicago has a formidable defense, they look to be on the decline from their 12-4 record two years ago and I do not expect them to be competitive beyond this point in the season.

Minnesota starts a three game home stand against the Dallas Cowboys. This stretch will likely make or break the season as all three games are winnable, but cannot afford to be lost either. The Cowboys are a mystery every single season, and right now no one knows who their quarterback will be to start the season. However, they improved their already explosive offense from last season and will likely have more success due to their new head coach Mike McCarthy. This will most likely be the toughest of these three games, and starting off with a win will go a long way to improve the team’s odds for the rest of the year.

Following a nice Thanksgiving meal, the Vikings host the Carolina Panthers. Familiar QB Teddy Bridgewater will captain this team back into Minnesota for a warm welcoming home, and hopefully a victory. Running back Christian McCaffrey exploded last year, being a dark horse MVP candidate for most of the season despite not playing QB. Mitigating McCaffrey’s effectiveness is the key to victory here.

For their final game of the defense of Minneapolis, the Vikings welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars into their stadium. This may be the worst team the Vikings play all year, but they do have a retooled defense and some weapons on offense that could potentially give the Vikings trouble, but this should not be a significant challenge for the Vikings.

Returning to the road, the Vikings visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their second meeting with Tom Brady in two years. This late into the season, cracks could be showing in the Buccaneers’ armor or they could prove to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Depending on how Brady and the Bucs are doing at this point in the season will play a large role in the Vikings’ odds of walking out of Tampa Bay with a victory, but this team looks dangerous.

For the final home game of the year, the Vikings will host the Chicago Bears. Again, I do not foresee this to be a very exciting game as the Bears look to be trending downwards, but this is still an important game for the Vikings to win going into the tail end of the season.

On the first day of Christmas, the schedule gave to me: A game against New Orleans. The Vikings will visit the Saints on Christmas day to get a rematch of the wild finish in the Wild Card game last postseason where the Vikings beat their interdivisional rival in overtime in New Orleans. This is the most exciting game on the schedule for me, and the best Christmas gift I could receive would be to beat the Saints.

Finally, the Vikings close the season by going to Detroit for the first slate of games in 2021. Hopefully the Vikings have locked up a playoff spot at this point in the season, but a victory against the Lions would go a long way in improving the Vikings’ seeding in the postseason.

Removing any possible alterations due to COVID-19, this looks to be an excellent and exciting group of games for the Vikings in a few months. My predictions for the season are as follows:

W1 vs GB: L

W2 @ IND: W

W3 vs TEN: L

W4 @ HOU: W

W5 @ SEA: L

W6 vs ATL: W


W8 @ GB: W

W9 vs DET: W

W10 @ CHI: W

W11 vs DAL: L

W12: vs CAR: W

W13 vs JAX: W

W14 @ TB: L

W15 vs CHI: W

W16 @ NO: W

W17 @ DET: W

Overall: 11-5, win NFC North

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Sven Sundgaard fired from Kare11 for ethics violations


Screenshot from Sven Sundgaard's Facebook page

A screenshot from Sven Sundgaard's Facebook page, where he posted his response.

Minnesota meteorologist Sven Sundgaard was fired from Kare11 for what Kare11 says was violations of the program’s ethical policies. 

“Due to continued violations of KARE11’s news ethics and other policies, we have made the decision to part ways with Sven Sundgaard,” Kare11 posted on Facebook on May 1.

Sundgaard retweeted a Facebook post of Rabbi Michael Adam Latz’s denunciation of public health restriction protesters. This post portrayed the protesters as “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants,” which went against unspecified ethics and policies, leading to Sundgaard being fired.

Sundgaard responded to the separation from employment on May 5 with a post of his own saying: “I disagree with and dispute my former employer’s claims, and I am considering my options at this time. Thank you again.”

During the COVID-19 quarantine period, Sundgaard and Robert McEachren, his boyfriend, have been organizing live chats in which they discuss diverse topics, including politics.

Sundgaard is a native Minnesotan, born in St. Paul, and joined the news station in 2006 after graduating from St. Cloud State University with a degree in meteorology.

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Is “Tiger King’s” Carole Baskin really guilty?


photo via PickPik under the creative commons license

A tiger on a rock much like those shown in Netflix's Tiger King.

Disclaimer: This is all just a theory for entertainment. I am not saying that any of this is true, just stating theories gathered by myself and others based on evidence found from the case. 

After the hit documentary, Tiger King released on Netflix, fans of the show latched onto episode three and the disappearance of Don Lewis, better known to fans as Carole Baskin’s ex-husband. As memes circulated and Tik Tok songs started popping up, people began to look past the facts, and how Lewis’s case has been cold for over 20 years. 

Don Lewis went missing in August 1997, and while there is no evidence Lewis was killed, investigators on the case say it is unlikely he disappeared on his own. 

There is little known about what happened the day before Lewis disappeared, but his then-wife Carole Baskin offered insight into their life at the time. Baskin states that they often had disagreements about their wildlife sanctuary. Lewis wanted to breed the cats and establish a business while Carole wanted to make it a charity. 

Baskin also said this wasn’t the only source of conflict in their marriage. Lewis would often fly to Costa Rica to engage in romantic affairs. Family and friends said Lewis was planning on moving to Costa Rica before he disappeared, but when police searched his property in Costa Rica they didn’t find any incriminating evidence against Carole or anyone else.

However, two months before he disappeared, Lewis filed a domestic violence injunction against Carole, claiming she threatened to kill him. Carole denies these claims and says she had no idea about the injunction. Carole has since refused a polygraph test relating to Don Lewis’s disappearance. Lewis also told his friends he wanted a divorce and one that would not favor or leave much to Carole. 

After Lewis’s disappearance, Carole was accused by his children of forging his power of attorney to favor her. Also shortly after Lewis’s disappearance, Carole broke into the place where Lewis’s will and power of attorney were kept and stole both, then later uncovered them. There was a change in his power of will to leave small amounts of money (about 10%) to Lewis’s former family, and the rest went to Carole. 

Lawyers have since noticed that the power of attorney had strange wording. Lewis’s former lawyer, Joseph Fritz, pointed out that instead of “upon my death” the wording was “upon my disappearance” leading many to theorize that whoever wrote the will planned for Lewis to disappear. 

After Lewis’s disappearance, his daughters began the rumor that Carole chopped him up and fed him to their tigers. According to UBC, captive tigers eat about 9-18 pounds of meat per day, if fed five times a week. According to his missing person’s report, Don Lewis weighed about 170 pounds at the time of his death. 

Carole reported Don Lewis missing after one day, giving someone a theoretical 24 hour period to dispose of the body. In order for Lewis to be fed to his tigers in one day, they would have to own between 9 and19 tigers. However, at the time of his disappearance, Don and Carole Lewis only owned one confirmed full-grown tiger. Saying that Lewis was known to do many deals off the books, it is impossible to say how many big cats the couple actually owned at the time. 

Nevertheless, while they may not have owned many tigers, there were certainly enough large cats on the property to eat 170 pounds of meat. The only problem with this theory would be the bones. The only big cat with a bite force strong enough to break all the bones in the human body is a jaguar. 

The femur is the strongest bone in the human body and it takes 1700 PSI to break it, and jaguars have a bite force of 2,000 PSI. However, captive jaguars eat less than tigers, as they only eat about three pounds daily, meaning it would take more jaguars to dispose of the body in the same one day period. 

photo via Wikipedia under the creative commons license 
The Jaguar has the strongest bite force of all large cats, nearly 2 times that of a tiger.

Don Lewis’s lawyer has other theories about the case that don’t involve Carole or tigers. Lawyer Joseph Fritz has gone on record with his theory on what happened to his former client, believing there was no way that Lewis would leave his family, including his four kids from his former relationship. 

After his disappearance, authorities found Lewis’s car parked at a small airport, which was not unusual because he was known to make off the book flights as his pilot’s license had been suspended. Fritz believes Lewis was planning on flying his plane that day, but something went wrong and he ended up being strangled in his plane and dumped in the ocean. 

After the Documentary Tiger King hit Netflix many had questions, especially about Carole and her private affairs, however, little is known about what actually occurred the night Don Lewis disappeared. While nothing is yet conclusive, authorities hope the attention brought by the Netflix documentary will lead to serious evidence about the Don Lewis cold case.

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Edited video of VP debunked


photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

Doctored videos of the VP were posted to Twitter and are now marked manipulated media.

On May 7, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence was taking part in handing out boxes of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at a public event hosted at the Woodbine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Alexandria, Virginia, just south of Washington, DC.

Shortly after, a video taken at the event by Matt McDermott, who was also present at the event, was posted to Twitter. In the video, Vice President Pence is seen saying “Can I just carry the empty ones? Just for the camera?”

Twitter immediately responded with angry responses to the video. Many believed that Pence was just there as a publicity stunt while Americans are trying to limit the spread and treat those who are very ill, as well as the many Americans who have passed away as a result of the coronavirus. 

However, things do not always pan out as expected. Later that day, C-SPAN released the full video of the interaction. When viewed in its entirety, the earlier Tweet was proven to be edited down and took Vice President Pence’s remarks out of context.

The video released by C-SPAN showed Pence talking to one of his staff members at the event, who told him that “Those are empty, sir” and that “We are good to go.” After this, the comments previously posted on Twitter about Pence only carrying empty boxes for the camera were stated, then Pence and the staffer laughed with one another, clearly joking.

Even after the true story regarding the video was revealed, Matt McDermott has not removed the inflammatory, and now revealed to be edited, video from Twitter. Twitter has since marked the post as “manipulated media,” signifying that the video deliberately misrepresented Vice President Mike Pence.

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Raycon Earbuds Review


On the top are the Raycon E25 ear buds and on the bottom are the Raycon E55 ear buds

I have a day off. I’m sitting at home with no work to go to and no school to worry about. I have a YouTube video playing on the TV and the video comes to an end, but before it does I see a sponsor. It’s Raycons. I watch another video, and the sponsor is Raycons. I go online, and I see ads for Raycons, I go to school and I see Raycons. Raycons were everywhere, and I couldn’t escape.

I decided to buy a pair of the Raycon E55 wireless ear buds. If you check the website it says that the original price is $120, but it seems they’re almost always on sale, or there is a discount code you can use to save money on them. Raycon makes three main products: the E25 earbuds, the E55 ear buds, and the H100 wireless over the ear headphones. 

The Raycon E55 earbuds case features wireless charging

My experience with Raycon has been mixed. I initially got a pair of the black E55 ear buds, and I really liked them. They sounded nice, they were comfortable, and they had a long battery life. After a little while of daily use, they started to sound weird. I thought it was a problem with my bluetooth settings, but it sounded really bad on all of my devices. I ended up talking to customer support, and after three days of back and forth with the company, I got a return label, and an offer for a new pair of headphones. I decided to get the E55 ones again. They didn’t have the black ones so I got the rose gold ones. I haven’t had a problem with them yet, and I hope I don’t.

Overall I’d give my total experience with Raycon a 7/10. Customer support took a long time, and both times I ordered my earbuds they took about a week to show up, which isn’t terrible, but when you go from having nice wireless ear buds to having none for a week just because you got a faulty product, that’s a problem. I will say that the ear buds work great. The product is great, it’s just a problem when they’re faulty.

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Raven is a senior at Sartell High School. His favorite SZA song is "Doves In The Wind." His plans after high school are to be rich and famous for his music...

Quarantine Check! Need ideas on how to stay busy with all this free time?


Charlie Monson

What have you been up to? Left to right: Luka Alexenko, Erich Dvorak, Emma Jurgens, Charlie Monson, and Abby Peichel.

Has quarantine got you feeling down? Maybe the excruciating boredom is getting to your head? Then you have stumbled upon the right article. After lots of interviewing fellow students, here are some ideas on how to stay happy, have fun, and be creative during quarantine. 

Do something artistic!

Charlie Monson
Emma Jurgens is constantly trying new makeup looks. Very artistic!

“I have painted a mural in my room and have been experimenting with different makeup styles.” Emma Jurgens, Junior


Learn or try something new.

This is ample time to teach yourself how to play guitar or try and bake that super complex cake your mom likes for Mother’s Day. Or maybe take a  look into all those UFO conspiracies.


Become a professional quarantine chef/baker.

“I bake a lot of food.” Leah Dezell, Junior


Puzzles and board games galore!

“I’ve been learning new music on my guitar, writing music, making a Footloose puzzle, and reading.” Balin Pilies, Sophmore

Charlie Monson
Balin Pilles spending his long quarantine days by doing some puzzles.


Google Meet or facetime with your friends!

My friends and I talked for hours one night on a big Google Meet. It was nice seeing everyone, and I highly recommend it.


Dig up an old hobby.

Remember that thing you used to be really good at in like middle school? Are you still good at it? Why not give it another try!


Stressed out? Have a dance party break!

Here’s a playlist of the best songs to lift your spirits.


Go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

“I’ve been playing fetch with my dog a lot.” Alexia Kern, Junior

Charlie Monson
Alexia Kern and her dog Link have been spending a lot of time outside, mostly playing fetch.



Movie marathon!

Here’s a list of perfect binge-worthy series, and some you should totally check out! 

“I have been taking a lot more walks recently and I went for a bike ride, mostly just trying to pass the time by being outside or having movie marathons.” Abby Peichel, Junior


Do something musical!

“I have been practicing lots of piano and composing some music.” Erich Dvorak, Junior


Play some video games solo or with the squad.

“I’ve mostly been playing Animal Crossing to keep busy.” Luka Alexenko, Junior

Playing video games has been a big thing for me too. There have been a whole ton of new releases out there for people to stay inside and play.


Charlie Monson
Luka Alexenko, among many others right now, has been spending his free time playing Animal Crossing.
Charlie Monson
Erich Dvorak along with a ton of other students have been using this time to create and compose their own music.











Or I’m sure the most popular thing everyone has been doing “Homework and procrastinating.” Bella Crane, Junior. 

You may feel swamped in homework, and you wouldn’t be the only one. Just remember to do your best and keep working at it; then you can relax and take time to do something fun. We are all in this together!

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Elon Musk taking Tesla out of California


photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

Elon Musk, creator of Space X and Tesla, may take his car producing factory out of CA because the county he is in has strict COVID restrictions.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, as well as a few other tech companies, announced on May 9th that he is moving Tesla operations away from California, stating the reason for the sudden move as being due to “oppressive coronavirus restrictions.” Musk stated that he wants to move out of the main Tesla manufacturing plant located in Fremont, California, located about forty miles outside of San Francisco, in the Bay Area. 

Musk stated two possible locations for new Tesla operations include another facility in Nevada (Tesla batteries are already manufactured outside of Reno, NV), and a not yet known location in Texas, both of which are described by Elon as “more freedom friendly.”

Elon Musk did not stop there, he also filed a lawsuit against Alameda County which governs Fremont, where Tesla is currently located. Elon stated on Twitter that the Interim Health Officer for Alameda County, Erica Pan,  is “unelected” and “incompetent,” and that “She is acting contrary to our governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms, and just plain common sense.”

Elon Musk also pointed out that the neighboring county, San Joaquin County, has acted “sensible” and “reasonable,” as manufacturers across the state were allowed to resume operations on Friday, after an announcement from Governor Gavin Newsom. However, Alameda County has chosen to still enforce the manufacturing moratorium, which they can do at the county level. 

This leaves Tesla in a state of limbo, being allowed by the state to reopen and resume manufacturing and shipping cars again, while strict enforcement of county ordinances prevent any work from being done, until Alameda County decides to retract the county ordinance and let manufacturers get back to work again.

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Are organic foods worth it or a scam?


Lauren Wensel

Buying organic produce has several benefits but often costs more.

What do you think of when you think of when you think of organic foods? Do you think of super healthy foods for uptight mothers? Or do you think of the regular version of foods but bumped up a dollar or two? Many people do not know the truth behind the label “organic.”

Organic food sections across the United States are growing. According to a 2019 article from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 4% of total food sales are organic. More and more people are realizing the benefits of purchasing organic food. 

One benefit of eating organic foods is that they are less processed. They contain fewer additives such as synthetic fertilizer, synthetic pesticides, prophylactic antibiotics, or hormones. Additives are linked to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. 

Another positive aspect of purchasing organic food is that it is chemical free. This means there are no artificial ingredients. All food is grown with natural fertilizers such as manure and compost, instead of chemical fertilizers. Weeds are controlled naturally using crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching, and tilling. Even pests are controlled using natural methods including birds, insects, traps, and naturally-derived pesticides.

Organic foods are produced using only approved methods. It promotes recycling of resources, is less harmful to the environment, and promotes biodiversity. The USDA sets requirements for these approved methods and administers the certification of all organic products.

The methods that organic farmer’s utilize reduce pollution, preserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. It is better for surrounding birds, animals, and even people who live near the farms. The methods are also believed to decrease global warming. 

Better animal treatment is included in the USDA’s guidelines for organic foods. It is required that animals used are provided shelter in an area with unlimited access to food and water. Continuous access to outdoors is required as well, though this area may be fenced and/or covered with netting material.

A pleasing factor of organic produce is that it is often fresher than regular produce. This is due to the fact that it does not contain preservatives. Fruits and vegetables are picked while ripe and brought to a nearby store or market. Non-organic fruits and vegetables are picked while unripe, so they are ripe when they hit the stores. The produce usually tastes better when it’s fresh. 

One final plus of buying organic is that the money stays in the local economy. Instead of much of the money going to distribution and marketing, more of it goes back to the farmer. Local farmers have a smaller carbon footprint than large corporations. 

Eating organic foods is most important for young children, because their immune systems, bodies, and brains are still developing. It is equally important for people with weakened immune systems. It can also be especially beneficial to pregnant women because the pesticides can travel through the womb to their fetus.

Lauren Wensel
Packaged organic food is often very similar to conventional counterparts.

It must be noted that there is no shortage of organic junk food. Not all organic food is automatically healthy – it can still be high in fat and/or sugar. Organic junk foods are typically quite identical to their conventional counterparts. 

It is a common misconception that organic food is unprocessed, which is false. It is less processed, but it does not take away the risks of obesity, cancer, and other diseases. Even pesticides derived from natural sources can be toxic. An organic farming pesticide called rotenone has been proven to cause Parkinson’s disease. 

The USDA does not require perfect animal treatment with organic farming. A majority of nutrients in the animals’ diet comes from grass. This does not limit the use of antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. Plus, there are non-organic food companies who pledge to do the same practices the USDA guidelines include for organic farming. 

The biggest downside to buying organic, in most people’s eyes, is that it costs more. Organic food can be pricy due to the limited supply and greater labor input. It is up to the buyer to decide if organic food is worth the extra cost. 

To get organic food more affordable, look for organic produce when it is in season. Shop at a local farmer’s market, where often the food comes in bulk for cheaper. Another option is to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, in which individuals sign up to purchase “shares” of produce in bulk. 

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