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Taking an interest in photography as a career

McKenna Petron
Finding new hobbies always starts off as a small interest.

For my 18th birthday, I finally got the camera I’ve been wanting for years.

I got a Canon Rebel T7 with a standard lens, and I have since bought myself a zoom lens so I can take better close up pictures.

This was the first picture I took with my new zoom lens. (McKenna Petron)


Since I was in middle school I have enjoyed taking pictures. At every party at my dad’s, I would take my dad’s camera and run around taking pictures of everything going on.

I enjoy taking portraits of people and pets. I also have fun going to events and capturing the moment. 



Throughout the year I’ve gotten better at being creative with my pictures. I’m not afraid of doing what it takes to get a good picture, like running out into the street or laying in the dirt and holding onto railings while hanging off them.

Jacinta posed in a parking garage for my time using my camera with the standard lens (McKenna Petron)

My goal is to turn this into a fun side business eventually. I’ve always loved the idea of being a photographer on the side. I want to take people’s senior portraits and wedding pictures and other fun events. 

I will likely be working from home doing digital marketing, which gives me tons of wiggle room to fit photography into my life. 

Lately I have been going out with my friends to take their instagram pictures with my camera.

This is my cousin modeling for me while I practiced with the zoom lens. (McKenna Petron)pictures with my camera.


I have also used these pictures as practice with editing and photoshopping. I won’t photoshop necessary parts of the photo, but more so the distractions in the background like a branch that is in the path. 

I hope to grow my photography skills and become more professional with it. It all takes time and practice though. 

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