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Compelling Cookie Criticisms

Caden Ostman
This week of Crumbl was full of different flavors!

The Crumbl lineup this week is looking extra delicious this week. The cookies we are trying are as follows: Strawberry Cupcake, Confetti Milkshake, Snickerdoodle, Galaxy Brownie, and Caramel Praline.

We make sure to thank the employees every week because they have been nothing but good to us during our Crumbl experience. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the videos and articles that we love making. So thank you Crumbl!

Here are the top 3 cookies of the week! The first cookie making the top 3 is Snickerdoodle! It was a warm cookie that melts in your mouth, leaving you wanting another bite.

The second cookie making the top 3 is Galaxy Brownie! This cookie was room temp and flowing with chocolate. It was rich and full of flavor.

The best cookie of the week was Confetti Milkshake! This was a cold cookie with confetti surrounding the outside and covered in that perfect vanilla frosting. Truly a perfect blend of flavors that explode in your mouth.

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