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Students suspended after gun incident

12 children die each day from gun violence in America. (Image created using AI in Canva)

Parents are upset after three students were suspended in a Texas school on February 19. The suspension came after a student brought a loaded gun to school, and the other three failed to report it.

Gabriela Rodriguez is a 9th grader who was involved in the incident.

In an NBC News article, Rodriguez stated, “He decides to just open his backpack and start flashing the gun at me…He said he was going to do it one day so today was that day. He was going to do it and how he’s only going to be going after the English teacher. That everybody should just leave the classroom after.”

Gabriela then decided to go to her next class without notifying any supervisors.

Initially, Gabriela said that she believed the gun was fake, but was still nervous about it. Marta Fonseca is the mother of Gabriela. She believes that what her daughter did should be perfectly acceptable for a 15 year old girl, and that it is a lot of pressure on somebody that young. 

“That’s a lot putting on a child who just saw a kid with a gun in a classroom,” Fonesca told NBC News. Parents are rallying around Rodriguez to hopefully get rid of the unfair suspension. Everyone involved in the situation is just hoping they can find a way to get past this scary situation.


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