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Dunkin’ Donuts : a fast yet cheap place to eat

Morgan Gill
Three journalists visited the newer Dunkin’ Donuts in St. Cloud!

Dunkin’ Donuts in St. Cloud MN is a perfect spot to stop in and have a cheap yet delicious breakfast! Dunkin’ is located 3317 Division St, St Cloud, MN 56301.

The view from the entrance is quite beautiful and welcoming! (Morgan Gill)
The stunning donut display case at the front of the store! (Morgan Gill)











We visited Dunkin’ for a sweet treat, the atmosphere was super clean and inviting. There were so many options to choose from ranging from donuts, sandwiches, wraps, bagels, coffees, and even sparkling drinks!

Morgan Gill ordered a Vanilla Latte along with a Chocolate Long John with Sprinkles. The coffee and donut total together was only $6.57, which is such a good deal.The coffee was super good with not too much sweetness to it, and the donut was amazing with the sprinkles.

Morgan Gill’s vanilla swirl iced latte that she had ordered! (Morgan Gill)
The most yummy donuts and cute stuffed bagel mini bites! (Morgan Gill)
Ashlyn Swanson’s peach sunshine SPARKD’ energy drink that she ordered! (Morgan Gill)











Ashlyn Swanson ordered a Boston Kreme donut along with a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich and the Peach Sunshine SPARKD’ energy. She was very pleased with the sandwich because it tasted like something she would make at home. The peach flavor was amazing in the SPARKD’ drink which was only $3 for a medium!

Aki Rebeck ordered the Bagel Mini Bites along with the NEWLY ADDED Avocado Toast. The bagel minis are one of Aki’s favorite things to order, and the avocado toast was decent, but not the most flavorful.

Overall it was a super affordable place to stop with decently good options to eat and drink! We definitely recommend you to stop in and try it for yourselves!

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About the Contributors
Morgan Gill, Journalist
Grade: Senior Activities: Dancer Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Drink: Coffee Dream Job: Speech Pathologist    
Ashlyn Swanson, Journalist
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Aki Rebeck, Journalist
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