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Compelling Cookie Criticisms: Crumbl Cookie

Baylor Stebbins
The Crumbl Cookie workers are busy at work this morning.

The Crumbl Cookie store has been a real hit in St. Cloud and is somewhere you should check out if you have not already.

The Crumbl store bounced back with a much improved overall menu this week; however, they still can’t seem to nail all of the cookies. There seems to always be one cookie on the menu that is well below the average cookie. The flavors of the week are Milk Chocolate Chip, Mallow Creme ft. Lucky Charms, Coconut Lime, Buttermilk Pancake, Mint Brownie Batter, and the mystery cookie of the week is Peach Pie.

Crumbl Cookie has been an excellent cookie store. We are very appreciative that they are so dedicated to impressing their customers. We also love that they are open at 8:00 in the morning, giving us the opportunity to go during first block!

The Crumbl Cookies of the week: Milk Chocolate Chip, Mallow Creme, Coconut Lime, Buttermilk Pancake, Mint Brownie Batter, and Peach Pie (Baylor Stebbins)

The top three cookies of the week are listed below and described!

The first cookie to crack this list is the Mallow Creme! This cookie is inspired by the iconic cereal- rich with white drops, vanilla marshmallow frosting, and Lucky Charms marshmallows sprinkled on top.

It was a very good frosting, and I like the little marshmallows, it gives it a nice little crunch.”

— Baylor Stebbins on the Mallow Creme cookie








Second on our list is the Coconut Lime. This is a coconut lime sugar cookie topped with tart coconut lime frosting and a fresh lime wedge for you to squeeze on top if you so choose.

Pleasantly surprised by that one Crumbl. That’s how you make a cookie!”

— Wyatt Laidlaw on the Coconut Lime cookie

Our third place was once again very close between the Buttermilk Pancake and the Mint Brownie Batter. The Buttermilk Pancake is a warm pancake cookie topped with a buttermilk glaze and a buttercream dollop. The Mint Brownie Batter is a warm chocolate cookie packed with mint chips, then topped and baked with a gooey layer of brownie batter.

This is the best dollop cookie I have ever had!”

— Wyatt Laidlaw on the Buttermilk Pancake cookie




Baylor Stebbins





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