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The Arby’s sliders: ranked

Lily Warnert
The Arby’s sliders, ranked and rated, for viewers future ordering needs!

This week, I took on the home of the meats! Arby’s offers five sliders, that includes your choice of meat, as well as a sheet of cheese for only a buck. However, if you’re on a budget and torn between which to choose from, checking out my opinions on each slider may help you out.

The jalapeño slider from Arby’s, ranked in the number five spot. (Lily Warnert)

Taking the number five spot for the best slider to choose from is going to be the jalapeño slider. The spicy tastes unfortunately resulted in a dry tasting sandwich. The cheese to meat ratio in this sandwich was not as delightful as the other sliders. The spice from the jalapeño had the sandwich feeling dried out. Even though I’m not a big fan of spice in the first place, I still believe the execution here was very poor. I rate this sandwich a 3/10.





The roast beef slider from Arby’s, ranked in fourth place out of all the other slider.


In the number four spot: the roast beef slider. There was nothing very special about this slider. It had the same cheese used on all slider, but much like the jalapeño slider, it had way too much meat. The roast beef was completely overriding the cheese and bun. This resulted in it being very dry too. Overall, it was a very average sandwich, I rate this a 5/10.



The turkey slider from Arby’s, ranked in the number three spot.


In third place, I have the turkey slider. This sandwich was very mediocre. It did what it had to. The cheese, meat, and bun ratio is significantly better than the fifth and fourth place sandwiches. Turkey is one of the meats I would use if I were to make a sandwich at home. I think the turkey was also much less dry than the previous two sliders. I rate this sandwich a 6/10.



The Chicken slider from Arby’s, ranked in the number two spot. (Lily Warnert)




In second place, I have the chicken slider. This is one of my favorite things to order at Arby’s. The meat is just enough to fill the bun. They also have the perfected amount of melted cheese on this slider. The chicken was also very moist throughout the whole sandwich. Compared to the rest of the sandwiches, this one has been the best thus far. I rank this slider a 8/10.

The buffalo chicken slider from Arby’s, taking the number on spot. (Lily Warnert)






Taking first, our top finisher, the buffalo chicken slider. This sandwich has the perfect meat to cheese to bread ratio. This sandwich also has a delicious buffalo sauce coating the chicken. Overall, this is the best sandwich. It has the most flavor and is so juicy. I rate this sandwich a 10/10.


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