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Love, loafs, and life with a Starbucks breakfast

Starbucks has plenty of pastries perfect for starting your day off right! Fair use photos from Starbucks.
Sartell Senior, McKinzie Cusipag, likes to get a pink drink with her pumpkin and pepita loaf! (Kinzie Cusipag)

Like many other 17 year old girls, I find great joy in frequent Starbucks runs, especially with my friends. Though I routinely order the same drink, (a venti pink drink with light ice, no berries, and two pumps of classic syrup), sometimes my favorite treat lacks the excitement it used to bring me. When this happens, I find that adding a sweet treat to my order is the perfect pick-me-up!  Last week, I was able to try all of the loafs currently available, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.


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After trying each loaf, my personal ranking would be:

  1. Pumpkin and Pepita
  2. Lemon Loaf
  3. Banana Walnut and Pecan

But don’t take my word for it, go to your local Starbucks and try it for yourself!

I like the lemon loaf the best, because it reminds me of cake.

— Senior, Kylie Weber


Kinzie Cusipag, Sartell Senior rates Starbucks Lemon Loaf a 8/10! Fair use photo from Starbucks.


As a former Caribou lemon loaf enthusiast, I was very excited to taste the Starbucks version. Starbucks promotes this pastry as a “citrusy, buttery, moist lemon pound cake topped with a sweet icing.” The frosting was definitely sweet, but even having a strong affinity for sugar, it was far too sweet for me, especially when paired with the sweetened bread. Regardless, the bread made up for the icing, harboring a zesty lemon flavor in a dense, moist, bread. I would definitely recommend when you are looking for a sweet treat. 

rating: 8/10

Sartell Senior McKinzie Cusipag, rates Starbucks Pumpkin Pepita loaf a 10/10! Fair use photo from Starbucks.


Pumpkin Spice girls unite over their mutual love for this bread. As my personal favorite, this pastry delivers everything the Starbucks menu promises, and more. The Pumpkin and Pepita loaf is most definitely a “gently spiced pumpkin bread topped with crunchy pepitas,” but it also maintains the sweet, moist, and dense crumb found in the lemon loaf. If you are looking to spice up your life, or give a sense of fall comfort, I cannot recommend this pastry enough, especially when paired with a Chai.  

rating: 10/10


Sartell Senior, McKinzie Cusipag, rates Starbucks Banana Walnut and Pecan Loaf a 6.5/10. Fair use photo from Starbucks. 

Though third on my list, I would not discount the Banana Walnut and Pecan Loaf. I really enjoyed the Banana bread, but I was disappointed with the amount of nuts within the bread. I’m usually not opposed to nuts in my pastries, but I feel that they just distracted from the overall moist qualities of the actual bread. Without nuts, I would probably give this bread a higher score, but even with nuts, I would most definitely purchase again.

rating: 6.5/10

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