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On your next trip to Maple Grove, stop at the Rusty Taco

Kaitlyn Lysen
The Rusty Taco is a small, yet charming spot in the heart of Maple Grove that will fulfill your taco cravings.

The Rusty Taco, located in Maple Grove, is a charming little restaurant, that may not seem like much from the outside but is very charming on the inside.

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It was easy and fast to order online. The prices aren’t bad & to top it off the food is FIRE. I ordered the tortilla chips, guacamole and queso sauce along with three Birria tacos!

— Stephanique T, Yelp review

The Rusty Taco is an authentic Mexican restaurant, that serves anything from quesadillas to burritos, but what they are known for are their street tacos; it’s in their name after all. I was surprised by the lovely staff that they had, and by how flirty they were! I ended my time at the Rusty Taco with a phone number on a receipt which I politely discarded.

The menu had a variety of street tacos to choose from. The portions are also fairly small for how much you pay, but the quality of the ingredients certainly makes up for it. I started with two tacos but ended up ordering two more due to the small portion sizes. If you plan to visit, make sure to order at least three tacos to fill a hungry stomach. Overall, I would give the Rusty Taco a 9/10.

The fried shrimp taco, courtesy of the Rusty Taco in Maple Grove. (Kaitlyn Lysen)
The pork taco with feta cheese, courtesy of the friendly staff at the Rusty Taco. (Kaitlyn Lysen)
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