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Why you should capture every moment

Lily Warnert
Sartell students on the dance floor at the 2024 Winter Formal Dance!

I feel like we hear the saying, “live in the moment,” all the time. As social media and technology has advanced, we are able to capture more moments via video and photo. When you attend a concert, birthday party, or sports game, many of us want to be able to keep those memories forever. I truly believe there is no better way to keep memories forever than by taking photos and videos.

I’ve thought up about five excellent reasons why you should take photos and videos of just about everything!


As we continue our time on this planet, humans become more advanced and intelligent. Being able to click a little button on a

Mckinzie Cusipag and Hazel Heinen showing off their bag of cotton candy at the Benton County Fair this last summer. (Lily Warnert)

hand held device to take a long lasting memory, is absolutely incredible! We get the luxury of using this product on a daily basis, after years of crafting this amazing tool.We should take advantage of these simplicity of clicking a button to save our memories. We don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying around these massive cameras that take hours to develop. I think its easy to take the beautiful color and saturation we get in our pictures too, something you could never receive in a black and white photo!


Lexi Mentzer, Elizabeth Jarnot, Lily Warnert and Tori Herold attending the Pink Out, home football game this past football season. (Lily Warnert)

One of my favorite things to do when I have down time is scroll through some old pictures and videos. There’s something so sentimental and nostalgic about replaying some of your favorite moments. Without our cameras, we wouldn’t be able to have the ability to do that. Of course we have our memories stored away in our brains, but to be able to rewatch the moment over and over, sparks so much joy for me. 


Sartell students coming together with St.Cloud Tech students at a football game where St.Cloud Tech hosted Sartell. (Lily Warnert)

One of the best parts of bringing my camera to an event with my friends, or even people I don’t know, is sending out pictures and videos to everyone afterwards. It’s also a great way to meet new people. I always try to include anyone that’s in the camera’s view, in the photo. It’s a fun way to connect with people, you may have never even thought about sparking a conversation with before! However, beware. It’s feels like a full time job when you’re responsible for downloading, editing, sending, and posting your videos and photos!


Jace Jansky, Kenzie Lundquist, Brinkley Zabel, Sophie Swardout, Caden Vos, Chloe Rogers, Lola Sens, Lily Warnert, Hazel Heinen, Maddie Winters, and Ella Peterlin posing for a picture at a Sartell football game, dressed in neon theme, this past season. (Lily Warnert)

Ever since I began taking photos and posting as many memories as I can, I’ve had tons of questions and interest in my camera. I love seeing how people go from just posing for a picture, to seeing the end product and their face lighting up. I absolutely adore seeing people participating in photos, making new friends, and overall just being good humans. As much as you are giving back to others when you are putting something out there that can inspire people to pursue something, you are really giving back to yourself. It’s a boost of joy when you see other people excited about your ideas and passion!


The junior class girls participating in the Powderpuff tournament for Sartell’s 2023 Homecoming. (Lily Warnert)

My last, but most important reason is you will have memories forever. You can keep them stored on your phone, post them to social media, or even get them downloaded as a hard copy. Theres so many fun things that you can do with these memories. You can print pictures out to make a scrapbook that you bring with you to college, to your first home, and them even pass onto your children someday. You will never regret taking a picture or video of the best concert of your life, your dad’s 50th birthday party, or your high school graduation.




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