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Featured freshman of the week: Anna Parker

Anna Parker is involved in many different activities. (Photos used with permission from Anna Parker)

The Featured Freshman this week is Anna Parker. Anna is a freshman this year at Sartell High School. I was able to interview Anna, ask a few questions and get her thoughts on high school so far. Without further ado, meet Anna!

What is your favorite class?- English, it’s a simple class, I have a lot of friends in it, and my teacher is funny.

Who is your favorite teacher?- Mr. Saue, he is both helpful and funny. He makes English interesting.

What is a class you want to take before you graduate?- Definitely Yearbook, everyone says it’s fun and it sounds like a class I would enjoy.

How do you like high school so far?- High school is much better than middle school. I like getting to choose what classes I want to take and having more options when it comes to almost everything.

What activities are you involved in?- I swim, Nordic ski, and am deciding on a spring sport. 

What upperclassmen do you look up to?- Any of the captains in my activities because they are all super kind and encouraging.

What is your favorite part about being in high school?- Going to sporting events.


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