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Senior Spotlight- Ryan Kruse

You know him and love him. Sartell’s class clown is being feature this week!, Give a warm welcome to Ryan Kruse! Photo used with permission from Ryan Kruse
A throwback picture of Ryan from when he was just a little squirt. (Photo used with permission from Ryan Kruse)

This week, we are highlighting Ryan Kruse, a senior at Sartell High School.

Ryan has gone to the Sartell School District for the last six years. Ryan grew up playing baseball and basketball. Nowadays, his interests include getting a good lift in at the gym, working at his job at The Great River Bowl, and spending lots of time with his friends and family.

Ryan’s favorite teacher in the building is Mr.Schulte. Schulte has influenced the future career paths of many students, including Ryan himself.

Ryan believes that, “Schulte is the most fun, engaging teacher in the building, and thanks him for the guidance regarding his future.”

Ryan’s favorite class that he has participated in throughout high school has been SabreCon. This program also happens to be run by Schulte as well!

A photo of Ryan, and his sister Maggie while on a family trip in Hawaii!(Photo used with permission from Ryan Kruse)


The most influential person in Ryan’s life is his sister. Ryan says, “Seeing her do well in school motivates me to be a better person and student.”

Ryan’s sister, Maggie, is a Sabre Alumni who graduated in 2022, and is currently attending Alexandria Technical College, and graduating this year!

I was able to get a chance to hear from Maggie just how special Ryan is. Hearing Maggie speak about her little brother with so much love, truly highlights what an amazing guy Ryan is. Maggie says her favorite activity to do with with Ryan is to drive around and listen to music. 

Besides him being my annoying little brother, he has one of the biggest hearts I know, I appreciate how much he cares for people, no matter who it is. He can make anyone laugh. He is such a funny kid. Once he opens up, he is truly one of the greatest people to talk to.

— Maggie Kruse

We got to hear from some of Ryan’s closest friends, and the are able to explain how truly amazing he is even more! Below you can see the reason why these special people in Ryans life love him so much.

A photo of Ryan and his friends, Gavin Welsh, Ethan Crews, Grahm Sanborn, and Ayden Frauenholtz at a Sartell football game this past season. (Photo used with permission from Ryan Kruse)


Caden Otsman says, “He is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, as well as being hilarious.” 

Grahm Sanborn says, “Ryan’s work ethic out of school is the best thing about him.”

Kloey Sand says, “He’s hilarious and loves with his whole heart. He would do anything for anyone.”

Ethan Crews says, “He can always find a way to make people laugh.”

Ayden Frauenholtz says, “Ryan is the most loyal guy ever. He always makes us laugh, and he has a great attitude.” 

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