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Student awarded opportunity in United States Senate

Hailey Daniels
The Senate Page Program allows one high school student an opportunity to spend time in the US Congress.

Last Friday, Kathryn Murchison, class of 2025, left for a six-month senate page program under Senator Susan Collins in Washington D.C. Out of 15 female students picked across the United States, Murchison receives an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Murchison serves as an aid for Sen. Collins while gaining real-world work experience. Simultaneously, she will continue her school curriculum that is on track for graduation. 

Senator Susan Collins serves as a senior United States senator from Maine. (Susan Collins by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC by – SA 2.0 deed.)

According to Best of Sno, Murchison’s daily routine is outlined as “She will attend school from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. each day. She will have educational field trips with her fellow pages. But her entire existence will be rooted in one purpose: Murchison will be a page for Sen. Collins, an Aroostook County native.” The senate provides hard copies of documents for Murchison to aid Sen. Collins successfully.

This six-month program provides housing for the selected students. Murchison is exposed to government and politics that students her age receive in the school curriculum at home. 

In a Best of Sno article, Sen. Collins says, “Kathryn will literally have a front-row seat and ability to hear discussions among members of the Senate and listen to debates.” Murchison replies “As someone who wants to go into political science, it will be a really good experience, and I will get a feel for what I’ll be doing in that field.”

Nationwide, students can earn this opportunity that occurs each semester during the school year. Experiences during this Senate page program set the stage for career paths for each student. 

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