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The Appetite: part 3

The gang decided to pay a visit to Kay’s Kitchen!
Ryan Quach
There is a chalk board menu located inside the dinning area at Kay’s Kitchen so you know exactly what deliciousness you are in for!

In this week’s episode of The Appetite, we decided to go to Kay’s Kitchen located at 303 College Ave N, St Joseph MN 56374.

Kay’s Kitchen is a breakfast and lunch place that opened in 1972.

The gang decided Kay’s Kitchen should be the place to visit (Ryan Quach)
Ryan ordered a strawberry milkshake that’s encased in a styrofoam cup. (Ryan Quach)














Hash browns, toast and eggs make for a great breakfast meal from Kay’s Kitchen. (Ryan Quach)

Ryan ordered hash browns, scrambled eggs, toast, and a strawberry milk shake for his order. The meal was a very simple, tasty meal. The milkshake had a thick and creamy texture to it and was full of the strawberry flavor. The hash browns were very crunchy and seasoned well.  They tasted even better with ketchup. Ryan personally liked this meal a lot, so he gave it a 8.5/10




Parker’s meal consisted of bacon, eggs, and toast and a Reese’s pie.
(Ryan Quach)


The omelette that Parker ordered was immaculate. It was definitely up there for one of the best he’s ever had. His only problem with it was the portion size. He also had his bacon stolen from by his mom, Ryan, and his dog. The hash browns weren’t as crispy as he would have hoped but the saving grace was the pie. It was very creamy and delicious. The crust wasn’t too much either. Parker gives Kay’s an A+.



Jack ordered a French silk pie which happened to be the last slice that day. (Ryan Quach)



As a connoisseur of restaurant made French silk pie, Jack felt personally obligated to tell you about his experience eating this specific slice. The bottom layer of crust was just about the same as Perkins. The rest is where the differences come in. The chocolate layer could’ve been better Jack thought.  He believes they used cream cheese in this layer which he isn’t really a fan of. The top layer was probably the best part of this pie. It was fluffy and light, sweet and rich. It was a great way to top off this triangle of pastry. Overall, Jack gives a brutally honest rating of 6.8/10.

Overall we recommend going to Kay’s Kitchen because it’s affordable and a great place to eat a good breakfast. However, the drive there could be an inconvenience depending on where you live. So it’s best if you pick a day where you have time to go. They also allow you to order over the phone, so you can pick up and go.

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