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Senior Spotlight- Eden Wollum

Eden Wollum
Eden Wollum posing for a quick flick because she is STOKED about senior year!

Our next Senior in the Spotlight is Eden Wollum! Eden came to Sartell in 5th from Prince of Peace Luthern School.  When asked about her favorite classes she has taken in the high school she said Donnevoce was her overall pick.

Eden having fun in a bouncy castle as a child! (Eden Wollum)
Eden enjoying the fall season by going to a pumpkin patch! (Ed)
Celebrating her older sister Emma’s graduation from Sartell High School. (Ede)


Eden is passionate about singing and she has been super involved in the girls’ choir she’s for 3 years. A teacher that has stood out to her is Mrs. Box because she is very understanding and therapeutic.

“Everyone in choir is like family to me and it’s so much fun!”- Eden

Some of her most memorable times at high school dance Winter Formal 2021. Concert choir and Donnavoce loved the spring concert of 2022 cause everyone was so excited to perform. and Bel Canto.

Winter Formal Fun!!! Eden spends time with Kylie Williams and Megan Neid! (Ed)

Her favorite vacation was Hawaii her freshman year. She went to Honolulu on Oahu. She enjoys the tropical weather and time with her family!

Her favorite place is Hajime and her favorite roll is the Hawaii Role.


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