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Sartell slang: Part 33

Mckinzie Cusipag
Elizabeth was feeling mid today, so she decided to read her dictionary upside down to spice it up this week,

Sartell Slang is back this week with a new word. Students attending SHS communicate using slang on a daily basis. Slang continues to come and go, all while confusing the older generations. If you relate to this confusion, Sartell Slang will be here to help.


Pronunciation and definition visual of the word “Mediocre” (canva by Elizabeth Jarnot)

Mid is a term taken from the word mediocre.

Pronunciation: mee·dee·ow·kr

Merriam-Webster definition: of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance; ordinary; so-so


“I went out to eat last night, it was pretty mediocre.”

“Emily thought her birthday gifts were mediocre.”



Visual representation of another way to use the slang term “mid”.

High Schooler Definition: Used describe something or someone as below average. 

“Kyle’s sister is so mid”

“Her outfit today is mid.”

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