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Featured Freshman: Isaiah Olson

Canva designed by Atira Olson
Isaiah is a great fishman; here he is catching a fish on Albert Lake.

Isaiah Olson is a new freshman at Sartell High School; since school has just started, it’s time to learn a few facts about him. 

Isaiah is a three sport athlete here at Sartell High School. He is a part of soccer, swimming, and golf! Isaiah has been in soccer for the longest of the three sports, but he would say golf is his favorite. When he is not at home, you will either find him at one of his sport practices or working at Blackberry golf course. Isaiah also loves to go fishing, no matter if it’s on ice or off of the dock. He also enjoys downhill skying and snowmobiling. Aside from athletics, he is in the Tenor-Bass choir at Sartell.

Isaiah loves golfing, he is perfecting his swing at Blackberry Golf Course. (Atira Olson)


Me: What’s your favorite class? 

Isaiah: Umm lunch.

Me: Isaiah, be serious, what’s your favorite class?

Isaiah: Uh, Human Geography.

Me: Who is your upperclassmen crush?

Isaiah: I’m not telling you that.

Me: I won’t put it in my article.

Isaiah: NO, I’m still not telling you that!

Me: Okay. I’ll put undecided. What’s your favorite stroke to swim?

Isaiah: Freestyle.

Me: Alright, who’s your favorite teacher?

Isaiah: Umm, I can’t remember her name.

Me: Fosteson?

Isaiah: Yeah, Ms. Fosteson! Wait, is that my SA teacher?

Me: No. What’s your dream car?

Isaiah: Probably like a Ford Raptor Bronco. 

Isaiah catches a Jumbo Perch on Lake of the Woods in a fish house. (Atira Olson)

Me: Okay. What’s your favorite lunch line?

Isaiah: Probably The Grill.

Me: Alright, favorite bathroom in the school?

Isaiah: The big one, by the gyms.

Me: Favorite pencil brand?

Isaiah: Mechanical.

Me: What brand?

Isaiah: Umm, I don’t know, BIC.

Me: Scariest upperclassmen?

Isaiah: There’s this one big dude that came in to our class today. I don’t know his name, but probably him.

Me: What are your hobbies?

Isaiah: Fishing, golfing, soccer, swimming.

Me: Okay, dream job?

Isaiah: Probably like being in the military, truck driver, plumber, electrician.

Me: Okay, favorite food?

Isaiah: Like…french fries.

Me: And, what do you miss about middle school?

Isaiah: Umm, having ice cream in the à la carte line. 

Isaiah loves snowmobiling, he went to Hay Days and met Cboys. (Atira Olson)
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