Teachers of Sartell- Mr. Sailor


photo used with permission from Sailor

Mr. Sailor posing with his hunting dog.

Mr. Sailor is a familiar face here at Sartell. He is one of the members of our PE department. Before his career in teaching, he was an exemplary athlete. Mr. Sailor was a member of the football team and the hockey team at Rogers High School. After high school, he attended Gustavus.

Mr. Sailor with a largemouth bass on an undisclosed lake.(Photo via Mr. Sailor)

Sailor is another active staff member in our clubs and after school activities. He is Sartell’s strength coach and our boys’ head lacrosse coach. He also runs the strength program for the football and hockey teams.

If you hope to have Mr. Sailor in a class, you should register for a unified PE class or any of the strength classes.

Outside of school, Mr. Sailor enjoys spending his time hunting and fishing. He also enjoys lifting. One thing he would like the students here at Sartell to know about himself is that he has read all of the Harry Potter books three times.