The Next Person you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

The Sequel to: The Five People you Meet in Heaven


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Compelling sequel to Mitch Alboms: Five People you Meet in Heaven

For those of you that went to Sartell in eighth grade, you probably remember reading The Five People you Meet in Heaven. A story about Eddie, a grizzled war veteran that turned into an amusement park mechanic, who saved a young girl named Annie from a falling ride.

In the sequel, we learn that the accident that killed Eddie left an undeniable mark on Annie’s life. With no memory of the accident, she was left scarred and with a guilt-ravaged mother who whisks her away from the life that she knew. Throughout her school years she finds it hard to fit in, she was bullied by her peers and haunted by something that she cannot recall. In her adult years she reconnects with her childhood love, Paulo, which makes her think that she has found true happiness and a place to belong.

As the novel continues, Annie is marrying Paulo and their journey together continues, up until their wedding night when something unimaginable happens and Annie is sent on her own journey throughout heaven. While there, she is reconnected with Eddie, and the memories she couldn’t access.

The Next Person you Meet in Heaven is a beautiful novel filled with unexpected twists that will follow you throughout the entire journey. Both books remind you that every life matters, and it will remind you that every story will have a happy ending but sometimes you have to look to find it.

Even though The Five People you Meet in Heaven is a hard book to beat, Mitch Albom does a good job keeping The Next Person you Meet in Heaven just as good, and just as compelling. It will pull on your heart-strings, make you want to cry, and make you angry all in the span of a few chapters.

This book is a quick read, the 224 pages will fly by until you realize that you have reached the end of the book. It is realistic, and will make you think about the first book, and how the two compare. Even though they are similar in the fact that they both go on their own journey’s, what happens in the end will leave you wanting more.

This book is at the top of my list for great reads, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first novel. It is emotional, tear jerking, heart wrenching and will always be worth the read.

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Alyssa Gehrke
I would give this story 9 out of 10 for their work