Coffee Crawl: Rock Creek Coffeehouse

We have no shortage of coffee shops here in the 320, but when it comes to choosing which one best suits your needs, sometimes it can be hard to decide. For this reason, I have chosen to explore and review local coffee shops to narrow down your choices, and hopefully, open you up to the other options you have yet to try.



This week’s Coffee Crawl brought me across the Mississippi River to Rock Creek Coffeehouse in Sauk Rapids.




Rock Creek brews Muggsy’s coffee. The menu includes basic coffee and classic espresso beverages, along with specialty drinks such as Bozeman Berry, Colorado Joy, Montana Mint Mocha, Jimbo’s Cinnamon Roll, and Carl’s Caramel Apple which can be ordered hot or blended as “rockaccinos.”  If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other beverages on the menu that may be: smoothies, Italian sodas, juice, milk, lemonade, and tea of course. The list even includes root beer floats!


Rock Creek Coffeehouse also has an all-day breakfast menu that includes sandwiches and pastries. Additional menu categories are for sandwiches, appetizers, soup, and desserts.



A wall of license plates at Rock Creek Coffeehouse.

The Coffeehouse itself has plenty of style; the walls are full of artwork and vintage décor, giving the space an eclectic and unique appearance that visitors are sure to remember.