Are apple watches worth the hype?

Apple watches are the newest gadgets to take SHS by storm, and perhaps you’ve noticed this latest trend on the wrists of Sartell students. Apple watches cost a pretty penny, retailing at $249 for the most simple of models, and there are opposing opinions when it comes to whether or not they are worth the cost.

Monte Belmont has a Series 2 Apple Watch and would recommend buying one because at the end of the day it is a fun piece of technology to have. He says he is currently addicted to closing activity rings, but he used to use it more when he first got it. Monte only wears his Apple Watch if it matches the outfit he is wearing or when he goes to the gym. He received his watch as a gift, and says that he wouldn’t have bought it with his own money.

Taylor Schmidt doesn’t have an Apple Watch, but she has heard that people who have them think they’re cool. She personally wouldn’t spend her own money to buy one, but if she were given one, or her parents bought it for her, she would gladly accept.

Brock Sorenson has a Series 2 Apple Watch and thinks it was definitely worth the money. “Apple Watches look classy without being too extra,” states Brock. Needless to say, he would definitely buy it again (without scratching it this time).

Apple Watches look classy without being too extra.”

— Brock Sorenson

Blayne Gardner doesn’t have an Apple Watch, but he wants one because he’s heard they are really handy. Blayne rates Apple Watches 10/10.

Megan Sieben has a Series 2 Apple Watch and thinks that it was super fun having it at first, but she doesn’t find it very useful anymore except for text messaging. She likes her Apple Watch; however, Megan doesn’t know if she would buy it again because they aren’t worth the money.

Clearly the discussion goes back and forth as to whether or not Apple Watches are worth the cost, so when it comes down to it, you just might have to decide for yourself.