Humans of Sartell: Musicians

A collection of stories from Sartell’s musicians.


Sam Helberg plays in the concert band, orchestra, men’s choir, and records his own music.

“Music to me is a form of expression that I find very decent, and I would like to pursue a career in. I enjoy all aspects of it like playing, recording, and producing it. I play drums, bass guitar, and sing. I work at the Red Carpet Night Club in St. Cloud as the sound man for the band room, and I am currently planning on going to college for that exact thing. Someday I want to have my own studio and have some platinum records hanging on the wall. And, I want money, so my momma can have ten-foot ceilings. I just recorded an EP, and it’s on my Soundcloud.”



Hannah Frank plays percussion for the concert band.

“The New York trip, that was my favorite band memory. There was a lot of sleeping on the bus floor, but it was really warm so it was fun and it was okay and everything was great. It was fun to go to New York because I’ve never been there before. I mean we got to play one music thing, but it was fun.”






Josh Engelkes is a part of choir and plays saxophone in concert band as well as jazz band.

“Basically what music would do in my life would kind of change my aspect on seeing things, a lot of the time when I listen to music it might change my mood, or when I’m thinking about a certain song it may change my emotion to the theme of that song, like when I listen to swing music I generally become more happy, and when I listen to, say, a dark ballad I become a little more depressed. Although, the worst part about it is when there’s no music- it just gets like… unemotional. That’s my mind usually – how music works.”