Courtney Kosloski

Gatherings Grounds was a fierce competitor against the Capital One Café.

Gathering Grounds VS Capital One Café

April 1, 2019

Between the Gathering Grounds and Peets, I would suggest going to the Gathering Grounds if you needed to go somewhere to get homework done or if you’re wanting to sit and eat or drink your coffee and I would suggest Peets if you need a quick coffee shop to stop at.



Courtney Kosloski

Capital One Café (Peets Coffee) is located in downtown St. Cloud and is open from 6:30AM-5PM Monday through Saturday.

Capital One Cafe

After going to the Gathering Grounds I traveled to St. Cloud in the Capital One Café they have a Peet’s coffee inside. First impressions when walking in were good, inside was very clean and put together and it looked more urban.

After getting the first impressions I went to order and the lady working was not very nice, she was bossy and rude and giving me glares when I ordered. I asked her for a medium iced almond milk latte. There weren’t many options for food, so I ended up not ordering any food.

The latter brought my total to $5.49 which isn’t too expensive especially considering I did get this drink with almond milk. I did ask the barista who handed me my coffee what her favorite part of working at Peets is and she told me, “I really enjoy seeing people and listing to others conversations.” Tasting the drink they had good espresso, it didn’t taste super sweet and getting it with almond milk offset the bitterness taste because the milk was unsweetened.


Courtney Kosloski

Gathering Grounds is located in Avon, Minnesota and is open from 6:30AM to 3PM Tuesday through Friday and 8AM-1PM Saturday.

Gathering Grounds

For my first stop, I went to the Gathering Grounds located in Avon Minnesota. It isn’t the closest coffee shop around Sartell however it was not a disappointment. While there, I ordered an iced white chocolate mocha with no food to go with it because they didn’t have much of a selection on the food side of things. The environment was very welcoming and comfortable. 

When you walk in there’s couches and tables everywhere along with salt lamps. It was very aesthetically pleasing; you could defiantly work on homework there or hold smaller meetings. The only inconvenience is that it’s located right off the highway and somewhat hard to find.  I talked to Michelle one of the workers there and she told me, “My favorite part about this job is how many different people I’ve met while working here especially because Avon is such a small town.” Coffee wise, their espresso tasted sweeter rather than bitter, which is good, and for a medium coffee, it was surprisingly cheap. I only spent $5.54 with a 15% tip.

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