The Rise of Veganism

Experts estimate that 7.3 million people in America are vegan.

February 8, 2018

Its only February 8th and many experts are already calling veganism the biggest trend of 2018.

Many people are vegans for different reasons. The most common are health and to expose the animal abuse that goes on behind the scenes. Environmental factors are also important to some people.

Through “The Vegan”, there are many well thought out meal plans for veganism that are very high in protein, iron, and calcium. With these healthy foods, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity can either be avoided, or with a vegan diet, can help suppress symptoms.

Besides all these advantages, veganism helps with getting essential nutrients such as fiber, which helps fight colon cancer, magnesium, which helps absorb calcium, and potassium, which balances water and acidity, helping the kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Cutting meat out your diet can also help prevent multiple diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and multiple cancers, such as breast and prostate.

It’s not a secret that Americans consume too much. According to Business Insider, Americans consume just a little less than 2000 pounds (1 ton) of food every year. There are so many more food options. People are destined to eat a lot, however, there are controllable factors. This controllable factor is called “completion compulsion,” coined by University of Alabama psychologist Paul Siegel in 1957.

Completion compulsion describes the feeling of eating all the food in front of people, just because it’s in front of them. Americans keep eating even if they are full so they can clear the plate. Eating less is not a solution, eating mindful is what is important.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are three things that need attention: water, fiber and fat. Fruits and vegetables, which are vegan, provide weight and density, but not the calories. Fiber is also important because it takes longer to digest, which makes one feel full longer. Fat is high in energy density. For example, one pat of butter contains almost the same amount of calories as 2 cups of broccoli.

Another major reason people go vegan is to help end animal abuse. The animal suffering that goes on behind the scenes is graphic and horrific. If one was more interested in that aspect, further research would be helpful. In a less-graphic version, farms do not treat animals with respect. They are beaten, degraded and in placed in terrible environments.

Tying into animal abuse is environmental factors. It’s pretty common knowledge that plants cost less money and energy to grow. According to PETA, about 51% of greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture.

If being vegan is too much to handle right now, being vegetarian is a great way to start. Many websites advocate for “Meatless Mondays”; this gives people a chance to try being healthier while still having the rest of the week to eat what they want. Going vegan or vegetarian good for the body, and the animals and the environment will be thankful.


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