Battle of the local lattes

Atira, Hannah, and Brooke ventured out to try and find the best of the best latte.
Atira, Hannah, and Brooke ventured out to try and find the best of the best latte.
Atira Olson

This week, Atira, Hannah, and Brooke ventured out to five different coffee shop locations to try and find the best Iced Vanilla latte that Sartell has to offer.

Reviewing five different iced vanilla lattes in the Sartell area. (Atira Olson)

We will be reviewing the beverages from McDonald’s, Starbucks, Second Street Coffee House, Scooter’s, and Caribou. All of these coffee shops and beverages are available in our great city of Sartell.  The prices and ounces vary, but we ordered a small at each location that we visited.

Due to Scooter’s Wednesday deal, this coffee was only a dollar! (Hannah Diekman)

Scooters: Scooters opened recently in Sartell in 2022.  It has an amazing deal on Wednesdays, where a small latte is only $1.00!  Scooter’s is located on Pine Cone Road by the Sartell Walgreens.  

Review-  Atira 7/10, Brooke: 8.7/10, Hannah 7.9/10

Price- $1.07

Reviews from Students – Megan Neid said her favorite drink to get at Scooters is their smoothies. She said she likes them because they are very thick and filling.

McDonald’s coffee is very sweet and has a light color to it. (Hannah Diekman)

McDonald’s: You may not expect it, but the McDonald’s coffee is exceptional for its low price.  McDonald’s does not focus on their coffee like the other places we reviewed, but always an option if you’re looking for a cheap coffee. 

Review – Atira 7.7/10, Brooke 6.2/10, Hannah 6.5/10

Price- $2.40

Reviews from Students – Brita Klaverkamp got an iced Vanilla Latte. She said that it’s not a bad drink for the price of the coffee, but not as good as Caribou.



It’s very vanilla, it’s sweet but still delicious

— Atira Olson

Starbucks, typically a crowd favorite, lost the close battle to Caribou. (Hannah Diekman)







Starbucks: Starbucks is also a new addition to Sartell and always has customers visiting.  The well-known nationwide company has specialty drinks that they typically focus on, but we desired something else.

Review – Atira 8.6/10, Brooke 7.3/10, Hannah 10/10

Price- $5.05

Reviews from Students – Eden Wollum gets an iced Caramel Macchiato upside down with an extra pump of Caramel. She likes this drink because it’s sweet, has lots of caramel, and it wakes her up.

Starbucks and Caribou on top, always!  Both locations never fail to provide my favorite coffee orders.

— Hannah Diekman

Local coffee from Second Street Coffee House was filled to the top with its vanilla taste. (Hannah Diekman)

Second Street Coffee House: Second Street Coffee House is a locally owned business in Sartell. It also employs many students from our very own Sartell High School.  Their interior is modernly decorated and renovated, perfect for a coffee date or hangout.

Review – Atira 5/10, Brooke 6.5/10, Hannah 7.3/10

Price- $5.16

Reviews from Students – Hadley Monson got a hot Mocha from Second Street coffee House. She said that she didn’t like the coffee, but thought the decorations were super cute in the shop. She liked how there were a few places in the location to take a cute picture.


Caribou was everyone’s favorite and won the battle of the lattes. (Hannah Diekman)

Caribou: Caribou is a nice and convenient place to stop. It is located in Sartell’s Pine Cone Coborns. This Caribou was also newly remodeled last month!

Review – Atira 9.9/10, Brooke 9.2/10,

Hannah 10/10

Price- $6.23

Reviews from Students – Riley Kloetzer gets a hot vanilla white mocha with whipped cream on a typical day. She likes that it’s sweet and has very little coffee taste. In the fall she gets a hot Pumpkin Latte, she likes it because she can look forward to drinking it in the fall.

Hannah Diekman
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