Sports can change people’s lives. SHS students share what they love about sports. (Reese Kloetzer)
Sports can change people’s lives. SHS students share what they love about sports.

Reese Kloetzer

Humans of Sartell: Why do you love the sport you play?

March 20, 2023

Many people, especially high schoolers, play a sport or multiple sports.  Some play this sport because of sheer joy of the actual sport.  Others play sports because of all the secondary life lessons sports teach.


Life Lessons

Sports build relationships and teach people how to work on a team.

Sports teach self-discipline and responsibility.

Athletes become better people and better leaders because of sports. Leaders become self-confident and hold themselves accountable. They are willing to put themselves before their team and are always working 110%.


A couple athletes from Sartell High School were interviewed about what their favorite sport was and why they play that sport!


Anna Lundeen was the starting varsity goalie this fall! (Photo used with permission from Anna Lundeen)

“My favorite sport is soccer. I love to play soccer because of all of the friendships I have been able to make. I love how you have to work hard to make it to the level you want and how competitive it gets.”


Dylan Simones has been playing football for 10 years. (Photo used with permission from Dylan Simones)

“I love how physical the sport is.”


Reese Geiger is playing soccer at Augustana University next fall. (Photo used with permission from Reese Geiger)

“Definitely soccer. I play it because I love the game and really enjoy my time out on the field with my friends.”


Jaiden plays softball for Midwest Speed and for Sartell High School. (Photo used with permission from Jaiden Tretter)

“My favorite sport is softball. There are so many reasons to play. I was actually thinking about quitting softball this past year but the Lord had other plans for me. I kept praying and he delivered me a clear sign. The Midwest Speed director had reached out to me asking me to join his 18U national team. Upon hearing this, I knew I was destined to keep playing. The main reason I play softball is to spread my faith. I can use softball as a platform to spread the Good News. I am so grateful I have been given this opportunity to play the sport I love at such a high level. Now don’t get me wrong, there are going to be highs and lows which are expected in every sport. I have struggled mentally before and keeping my confidence up is an ongoing issue. For many years, I have used softball as an escape from reality. When it’s all said and done, all sports are such a blessing, and I am just so blessed to be able to play one.”


Ava has been playing softball for 6 years. (Permission used with permission from Ava Tavale)

“I joined because my oldest sister played, and I wanted to follow her.”


Rudy is playing lacrosse for Northland College next fall. (Photo used with permission from Rudy Ruegemer)

“My favorite sport is lacrosse. I play lacrosse because I’m able to clear my mind and I am able to be around my best friends.”


Macy Dockendorf finished up her senior season on the girls swim and dive team for the Sartell High School. (Photo taken by Tom Lenarz; Used with permission from Macy Dockendorf)

“My favorite sport is swimming. I love swimming because it has given me my lifelong best friends. I have fun swimming, I love being able to push myself, and I love the pure joy of seeing my time drop.”



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