Mr. Notsch

Mr. Notsch is a chemistry teacher at SHS, and also loves his farm!

Mr. Notsch and his wife

In highlighting a few cute teacher couples around Sartell High School, we will be starting off with the age old question of…How did you meet?

Mr. Notsch replied, “We met at a summer camp for people with disabilities near Bemidji.  We were both camp counselors.” Adorable!

The rest of our interview will be in a more Q & A form.

Q: Where did you go for your first date? 

A: It was a bunch of us but we went to “The Truman Show” in the theatre.

Q:What is something that annoys you about your significant other? 

A: She is a clean freak (this is also wonderful sometimes).

Q:Can you share a funny story about your person? 

A: Not specifically about her, but we were engaged after two months of dating.

Q:How long have you been a couple?

A: We have been a couple for 25 years. 

Q:What advice would you share for a happy, healthy relationship?

A: Communicate, communicate, communicate. You need to let some things go and pick your battles. Do what you can every day to help them through the journey.



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