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Sartell Sweethearts – Riley and Maddox

October 25, 2022

Sartell High School has many things going on other than just classes, one of those many things are relationships. In this article, I will be featuring one of the relationships. Each week I will feature a couple, interview them, and see how well they know each other. The next Sartell Sweethearts to be featured is freshman couple Maddox Lewis and Riley Quinn.  

Riley and Maddox pose for a picture after Riley’s soccer game. (photo via Riley Quinn)

Quinn is a freshman at Sartell High School. She is involved in soccer and dance. She has two older sisters and one younger sister. 

Maddox Lewis is also a freshman at Sartell High School. He plays basketball for Sartell, and he also has a younger sister.

Maddox and Riley have been together for five months. The first thing they did together was bike for an hour, but they both said that their first official hangout was golfing two days after the bike ride.  


How well does Riley know Maddox?

Q: Favorite color? 

Her Guess: green

His Answer: green

Q: What is his eye color?

Her Guess: blue/green

His Answer: green

Q: What’s his favorite movie or TV show? 

Her Guess: Stranger Things or anything that has to do with basketball

His Answer: Stranger Things

Q: What’s his dream vacation?

Her Guess: somewhere along the beach

His Answer: California or somewhere to watch sporting events

Q: What’s his favorite season?

Her Guess: summer

His Answer: fall

Q: When is his birthday? 

Her Guess: November 15th

His Answer: November 15th

Q: Who was interested first? 

Her Guess: him

His Answer: him


How well does Maddox know Riley?

Q: Favorite color? 

His Guess: green

Her Answer: green

Q: What is their eye color?

His Guess: brown

Her Answer: brown

Q: What’s their favorite movie or TV show? 

His Guess: Outer Banks

Her Answer: any horror movies

Q: What’s their dream vacation?

His Guess: Mexico

Her Answer: Hawaii

Q: What’s their favorite season?

His Guess: summer

Her Answer: summer

Q: When is their birthday? 

His Guess: April 28th

Her Answer: April 28th

Q: Who was interested first? 

His Guess: me

Her Answer: him

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