The Brown sisters, excited to head to their first day of school this fall. (Joan Brown)
The Brown sisters, excited to head to their first day of school this fall.

Joan Brown

Siblings of Sartell: The Brown sisters

November 3, 2022

This week’s Siblings of Sartell are the Brown sisters, who consist of senior Emily, freshman Lauren, and seventh-grade Claire.

The bond the sisters have with one another is unbreakable. Their chaotic and fun-loving energy is hard to miss and is apparent in their responses.

Q: When you spend time together, what do you like to do?

Emily: Watch TV.

Lauren: Watch movies.

Claire: Watch TV and eat.

Bundled up, the sisters proudly show off the snowmen they made. (Joan Brown)

Q: What do you have in common?

Emily: I’d say, how we do in school, like we’re all…good school kids. Academic achievers.

Lauren: Looks.

Claire: Tempers, especially Emily.

Q: How often do you argue?

All: A LOT, every day, multiple times. 

Q: What annoys you the most about each other?

Emily: I would say..kind of like the fact where we’re so much alike, that it’s just too much. And they’re literally always there, they’re always in the room when I need time alone.

Lauren: For Claire, she talks too much and can be annoying sometimes, and for Emily, probably her crankiness.

Claire: Lauren’s dumbness and Emily’s crankiness.

Lauren and Claire are often reminded of their resemblance to Emily. (Joan Brown)

Q: What do you love the most about each other?

Emily: I like how we laugh over stupid stuff all the time.

Lauren: Probably how I know I can talk to them and stuff like that…they’re always there so I will never be lonely, probably.

Claire: How we talk to each other.

Q: Favorite childhood memory with each other?

All: Going to our grandma’s house and playing outside in the woods…and playing fort with our cousins.

Q: What are your siblings’ weird obsessions?

Emily: Lauren’s obsessed with having to look cool. “I have to have this certain clothing because I have to look cool right now.”

Lauren: Emily, probably soccer and sports like that. She’s very precise with her socks. Claire is obsessed with organizing, it’s like, insane.

Claire: Emily’s shoes have to be the same tightness. Her socks have to be the same length at her legs…and [every morning] she has to fix her hair with her pony.

The Brown sisters love celebrating each holiday with one another. (Joan Brown)

Q: What are each of you really bad at?

Emily: Lauren and Claire cannot make a story short…they have to tell every little detail. The only question was like, what color shirt were they wearing…and they make it into a whole story.

Lauren: I don’t know. Claire’s bad at stopping when someone tells her to stop.

Claire: Emily’s really bad at listening. Emily doesn’t listen if it’s not, like, her way.

Q: What are each of you really good at?

Emily: Claire’s good at teaching others. She’s very good at taking care of the daycare kids and teaching them. 

Lauren: Emily’s good at, I feel like, being like a leader kind of. Taking action. Emily’s good at being independent…she doesn’t need anyone.

Claire: Lauren’s good at being there for others when they need her. Emily’s good at being hardworking, independent, and brave. When Emily starts something alone, she finishes it alone.

The girls decked out in Halloween gear, eager to trick-or-treat. (Joan Brown)

Q: Who is funniest?

Emily: Lauren.

Lauren: Me.

Claire: Lauren.

Q: Who is the current favorite?

Emily: It switches.

Lauren: I made [our parents] mad today so…currently not me. It depends who did something that day or who they’re mad at.

Claire: I feel like they treat us all pretty equally, I don’t think they have a favorite.

Q: Who would you trust to bail you out of jail?

Emily: Probably Lauren.

Lauren: I think it would be Emily.

Claire: I think Emily. I could just picture me in jail, for getting in a fight, and Emily would be like “never do it again!!!” Lauren would leave me in there for a week. She’s more serious about that stuff.

Emily, Lauren, and Claire gather on the steps for their annual first-day-of-school picture. (Joan Brown)

Q: What is something you share that other siblings do not?

Emily: Personality, what we think is funny.

Lauren: We laugh at the dumbest things, we think it’s weird.

Claire: Personality. And we laugh over the dumbest stuff.

Q: Lauren and Claire, how do you feel about Emily going to college next year?

Lauren: I’ll be happy for her, because she’s moving on and stuff, but it’ll be weird.

Claire: I’m gonna cry my eyes out. 

I am proud of all of us doing well, in like, everything we do, like school, tests…whenever it’s hard, we always get through it no matter what.”

— Emily

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