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Live music is a time where people can come together for some collective joy.

My concert saga and expert reviews

I am somebody that goes to a lot of musical performances. I really enjoy the atmosphere and being able to appreciate my favorite artists in new ways. In this series, I will be covering almost every concert or venue I have been to in as much detail as I can think to cover.

I will be covering things like security, COVID regulations, the performance quality, band overview, overall music reviews, lights, audience atmosphere, and the accessibility of the merch tables.

If you’re looking to get into some new music, stick around and take a read.

Venue: Fine Line in Minneapolis
Venue: St. Andrew’s Music Hall in Detroit
Venue: The Armory in Minneapolis
Venue: The Treasury in St. Paul
The Happy Fits
Mother Mother
Current Joys
Glass Animals
Will Wood
Ricky Montgomery

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