Sartell students are interviewed to talk about what they are passionate about and why. (Photo edited by Emilie Houge)
Sartell students are interviewed to talk about what they are passionate about and why.

Photo edited by Emilie Houge

Humans of Sartell: what are our students passionate about?

March 26, 2021

Sartell Students were interviewed on March 10, 2021, in Sartell, MN to talk about what their passions in their life are.


Emma Arneson:

“I am extremely passionate about mock trial. I have been in the activity since my freshman year [of high school] and next year I will be co-captain. I am passionate about it because mock trial is a good experience to work on public speaking, getting to know people,

Senior, Madison Benson, Sophomore, Meti Negewo, and Junior, Emma Arneson said that state was an “incredible experience” as they proudly hold their trophy. (Photo via Emma Arneson)

and improve acting. The team has developed a strong bond with each other. Many people do not know what mock trial is, and I hope to change that in the future because it is one of my favorite things to do. I would love to share it with more people. Mock trial works in which at the beginning of October we get a document that describes all of the characters [witnesses], and we audition for these roles. We will present the case, just as real lawyers would in real courts. It is part improv acting and part pre-written. We also attended state again this year which was such an incredible experience.”










Dylan Krenz-Bertrand:

“I’m passionate about helping other people in any way I can. Relationships are all we have in this world, so trying to meet the people around you is a great way to boost others up, as well as yourself. I help people by being there for them in times of need,

Dylan Krenz-Bertrand showing his love for helping others by volunteering in the community. (Photo via Dylan Krenz-Bertrand)

putting on events that people will enjoy, and advocating for causes that help people. I believe in making lives for everyone as good as possible, so I like to take actions and support causes that think the same way as I do!











Sophie Merensotto

Junior, Sophie Mertensotto says she has been dancing since she was three. (Photo Via Sophie Mertensotto)

“I am very passionate about dancing because I have done it since I was three years old, and I love performing with my friends more than anything. This year has taught me to appreciate it even more because our team never knew what day would be our last together since we could have been shut down at any moment to quarantine.”










Will Yu

“My passion in life lies with wanting to help others. Such as, I would like to go into the medical field as an orthopedic surgeon as being in the medical field would allow me to help others and save lives. As a child, I watched episodes of House with my father, which piqued my interest in the medical field. I idolized Dr. House for his brilliant unorthodox schemes that saved lives. Furthermore, as a hockey player, I’d like to be an orthopedic surgeon as it intertwines sport and medicine. In middle school, my interest evolved from the anatomy and surgery of a pig’s heart. This ignited my interest in surgical procedures. In high school, I watched

Will Yu is excited to use his passion for hockey to uplift his passion for helping others in the future. (James Smith)

a documentary about military frontline hospitals that highlighted the ‘Golden Hour,’ the term used to represent the hour from injury after which mortality increases. This transformed my interest in military medicine which motivated me to join the Minnesota National Guard. Eventually, not only would I help athletes, but also hopefully expand to help anyone through Doctors Without Borders. Moreover, in addition to my passion for helping others, I have focused my efforts toward my community, especially through the funding of Sartell Samaritans, which is an organization that’s main focus is volunteering. I believe that anyone and everyone should and could volunteer, and through my organization of bringing opportunities to all, hopefully, more people can help by volunteering in the community especially during this time when many communities are fractured. Along with my organization, I head a school club, social media, and also a website to help spread the word about volunteering.”



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