Taco Bell


Avry Bailey

A soft shell beef taco from Taco Bell

Taste– This soft shell taco wasn’t too bad, considering the simple recipe it takes to make. Compared to Taco John’s, there was an equal distribution of lettuce, cheese, and meat. I will comment on the meat consistency, Taco Bell’s meat seems more processed, in comparison to Taco John’s.

I give Taco Bell a 3/5.

Presentation– Overall, this taco looks like it consists more of just lettuce and a tortilla. I don’t have much criticism for this taco’s presentation especially since the taco is coming from a fast food joint.

I would rate this aspect a 2/5.

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Cheaper and the food is just as good, but they got the baja blast.”

— Blake Hartwig

” -Blake Hartwig

Price– Taco Bell priced this taco at $1.29. Taco John’s is cheaper and has a combo option as well. Taco Bell only consists of single tacos and sides, no combo option at all. Although, $1.29 compared to $1.19 isn’t a huge difference, I will rate the price a 3.5/4.

Smacks, faster service, better food, and cheaper.”

— Sartell High School junior, Maggie Kruise