Humans of Sartell


February 25, 2020

Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn


Annette Lahn

“I was braiding someone’s hair, and then everything started shaking.”



“It was crazy, because everything around us just crumbled to the ground, except our orphanage. It was like a big bubble around us.”




“I could do Voyageurs. I was in Boy Scouts, and we went to the Boundary Waters for a week… and I was fine.”


“He loves to stare, OH MY GOD.”





“He kinda went off the rails, he had a kid… blah blah blah… dropped out of high school.”



“My grandparents are my only family, besides my brother.”





“Mrs. Box or Vosler. They’re really nice.”


“I got like bit by a dog, and I was really scared that I was gonna bleed out, ya know.”





“Its actually not a scarf, it is just a blanket that I forgot to take off my shoulders.”



“Yeah, I have really started to care less about what happens.”





“Chocolate chip cookies, they are just so good.”



“Dogs. 100%. They’re just overall better.”

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