Humans of Sartell


February 18, 2020

Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn
Annette Lahn


“…and I miss Venezuela. My whole family is there, I only have my mom and siblings here.”



“People starve there actually because, with their jobs, they don’t pay good. So it’s hard, you don’t find water or any of that stuff.”




“I was drifting, and I hit the side of the road and my truck flipped.”


“You don’t need to work on a farm to wear cowboy boots.”






“I have to say, middle school sucked.”


“The Wild Thing: I was screaming my head off like there was no tomorrow. I was so scared, but at the same time I loved it after I got over the fact that it was really high up.”





“I don’t like learning, but I like the atmosphere.”



“Yeah, I’m really comfortable talking in front of people, so I don’t really care.”





“I might go to UND; my mom went there.”



“I might go into teaching- most likely elementary school teaching because I like kids.”




“I got a pretty large part in The Lion King, so that was pretty cool for me.”



“Halfway through the year, and it’s good.”


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