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Jacob and Abdul ready for their senior season of football.

Partners in Crime: Jacob and Abdul

November 7, 2019

At Sartell High School, many students have what famous artist Drake calls “Their right hand, their go-to.” To showcase those extraordinary friendships, this feature article was created.

Seniors Jacob Bjelland and Abdul Wadood believe that Saturdays are #fortheboys.

They claim that their friendship resembles Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Anyone could agree that it is an accurate description of the duo.

Jacob’s favorite activity to do with Abdul is just chill. Jacob is annoyed at the fact that Abdul always has to go home for something. He appreciates how loyal of a friend Abdul is. He also says, “Abdul calls Ziploc bags ziplocies,” describing the humor Abdul adds to his life.

Abduls favorite memory with Jacob is playing Lacrosse with him. When asked what he likes to do with Jacob he said, “Hanging out on days that are boring.” He appreciates his energy, but is annoyed by Jacob not answering his phone and going to sleep.

The two boys shared some of their personal information to see how good of bros the two are!

Jacob Bjelland

What is Abdul’s go-to video game?

Jacobs Answer: Fortnite 

Correct Answer: Fortnite


Who was Abdul’s first pick in Fantasy Football?

Jacobs Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football

Correct Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football


Jacob and Abdul take their football season pictures.


Would you describe Abdul as Lazy or Energetic?

Jacobs Answer: Lazy 

Correct Answer: Both sometimes but mostly lazy 


If Abdul could steal one thing without consequence, what would he steal?

Jacobs Answer: Money 

Correct Answer: A Mercedes 


Does Abdul prefer to watch college or professional sports?

Jacobs Answer: If he is watching sports, professional 

Correct Answer: Professional 


Who is Abdul’s favorite artist?

Jacobs Answer: Quando Rondo 

Correct Answer: A- Boogie 

Abdul Wadood
Abdul and Jacob take a selfie on the bus ride to football.

What is Abduls favorite brand?

Jacobs Answer: Jordan

Correct Answer: Jordan 



What are three items Abdul always carries?

Jacobs Answer: Keys, Phone, and Wallet 

Correct Answer: Wallet, Keys, and Phone 






Abdul Wadood

What is Jacob’s go-to video game?

Abdul’s Answer: Fortnite

Correct Answer: Fortnite 


Who was Jacob’s first pick in Fantasy Football?

Abduls Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football

Correct Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football 

Emma Gent
Abdul and Jacob dress up with their friend Luke as minions at the volleyball game.


Would you describe Jacob as Lazy or Energetic?

Abduls Answer: Lazy 

Correct Answer: Lazy 


If Jacob could steal one thing without consequence, what would he steal?

Abduls Answer: Car 

Correct Answer: Money 


Does Jacob prefer to watch college or professional sports?

Abduls Answer: Does not watch sports, but would watch professional 

Correct Answer: Does not watch sports 




Who is Jacob’s favorite artist?

Abduls Answer: YNW Melly 

Correct Answer: Luh Kel


What is Jacob’s favorite brand?

Abduls Answer: Nike 

Correct Answer: Nike 


What are three items Jacob always carries?

Abduls Answer: Phone, Keys, and his Contacts 

Correct Answer: Phone, Charger, and Backpack 









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