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Here is Amber and Tori all glammed up for Prom 2018.

Partners In Crime: Tori and Amber

September 23, 2019

Many Sartell students have that one special person in their lives that they just couldn’t live without.  It’s, to reference the ever popular Grey’s Anatomy, “their person.” To highlight those special relationships between students, this feature article was created.

Seniors Amber Heun and Tori Gaida have been bffs for years.

They even say they are a lot like Spongebob and Patrick. Amber says, “Tori is definitely Spongebob.”

Their favorite memory together was when they went to Mexico. Tori enjoys going to the cabin with Amber and is annoyed with how slow she eats. According to Tori, “She eats so slow, slowest person I’ve ever met when it comes to eating.” But appreciates how kind Amber is and how she is always there for her.

Amber says she loves doing anything with Tori because she is so fun and funny. Amber is annoyed by Tori’s loud eating. Amber appreciates how down to earth Tori is. She says, “She has always been there for me, and she is a good person to be around.”

The two besties shared some of their personal information to see just how well the other person knows her!


Amber Heun

If Tori could steal anything without a consequence what would she steal?

Amber’s Answer: Shoes

Correct Answer: Earl Gray Tea

What is Tori’s biggest fear?

Amber’s Answer: Spiders

Correct Answer: Spiders


What are three items Tori always carries?

Amber’s Answer: Hand Sanitizer, chapstick, and a snack

Correct Answer: Chapstick, snack, and hand sanitizer                                       


What superpower would Tori like to have?

Amber’s Answer: To Fly

Correct Answer: Fly


What famous person would Tori like to meet?

Amber’s Answer: Lil Tjay

Correct Answer: Lil Tjay


Where is Tori’s favorite place to shop?

Amber’s Answer: Forever 21

Correct Answer: Forever 21


What does Tori want to be when she gets older?

Amber’s Answer: Dermatologist 

Correct Answer: Dermatologist


Where is one place you could always find Tori?

Amber’s Answer: Eating somewhere 

Correct Answer: In the pantry

What is Tori’s go-to song to sing in the car?

Amber’s Answer: “Leaked” by Lil Tjay 

Leaked by Lil Tjay 

Correct Answer: “Leaked” by Lil Tjay 


If Tori could go anywhere in the world, where would she go?

Amber’s Answer: Bora Bora 

Correct Answer: Italy 














Tori Gaida

If Amber could steal one thing without a consequence what would she steal?

Tori’s Answer: Wavy Original Lays

Correct Answer: Someone’s dog


What is Amber’s biggest fear?

Tori’s Answer: Flying

Correct Answer: Flying


What are three items Amber always carries?

Tori’s Answer: Gum, phone, and keys

Correct Answer: Water, phone, and money


What superpower would Amber like to have?

Tori’s Answer: To fly

Correct Answer: To teleport


What famous person would Amber like to meet?

Tori’s Answer: Zac Efron

Correct Answer: Justin Bieber


Where is Amber’s favorite place to shop?

Tori’s Answer: American Eagle

Correct Answer: American Eagle


What does Amber want to be when she gets older?

Tori’s Answer: Physical Therapist

Correct Answer: Physical Therapist

Where is one place you can always find Amber?

Tori’s Answer: Noodles or Dom’s House

Correct Answer: Her house, specifically in bed


What is Amber’s go-to song to sing in the car?

Tori’s Answer: “Forever” by Chris Brown

Forever by Chris Brown

Correct Answer: “Spaceship” by Shoreline Mafia

Spaceship by Shoreline Mafia


If Amber could go anywhere in the world, where would she go?

Tori’s Answer: Italy

Correct Answer: Bora Bora








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