Julián Castro, 45

Julián for the Future

May 10, 2019


photo via wikimedia commons under the creative commons

Julián Castro giving a captivating speech about the future and the plans that he has made.

Castro is the former head of Housing and Urban Development, who made headlines after disparaging Trump and promoting Clinton during his time there, which is a violation of the Hatch Act. He is the only nominee who is a Latino, and he was the first Democratic candidate to visit Puerto Rico as a contender.

His national polling average is <1% and his news coverage ranking is #10

Major policy points:

  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Universal Pre-K education
  • Medicare for all
  • Decriminalizing border crossings

I’m running for president because it’s time for new leadership. Because it’s time for new energy.”

— Julián Castro

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