Pictured are three of the many confirmed lizard people in the news. (Savanna Mueller)
Pictured are three of the many confirmed lizard people in the news.

Savanna Mueller

Conspiracy Corner: Lizard People

In this episode, Savanna investigated the theory that a lizard- like alien race is running our government and has world domination in their sights. Her research answered some common questions you may have as well.

May 10, 2019

These questions are both common questions, and questions asked by people I talked to at school.
I answered them to the best of my abilities along with research. 

What are lizard people?

Lizard people are basically what they sound like. Cold-blooded beings that can shape shift into whatever form they want, usually people in power or with a high social standing. They are allegedly from another planet and are fixated on domination.

Who believes this and why?

According to Public Policy Polling, about 12 million Americans believe the theory that the government is being run by lizard beings disguised as humans. Why they believe this varies, but usually it’s because of a lack of trust in the government itself. According to one person at SHS who prefers not to be named, they believe this theory because “It just makes sense that the government would lie, like why wouldn’t they?” But for others, it is more just for fun and more comical than realistic.

So what do they want?

Essentially the end goal is world domination, and some theorize that they have already achieved that because of all the celebrities and government officials that are alleged lizard people.

Who are they?

Some “confirmed” lizard beings are Barack Obama, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Katy Perry, and Angelina Jolie. Confirmed is a loose term, but these are only a few on the long list of people either thought to be or “proven” to be over the past 10+ years.

How to know if someone is one?

Green eyes, red hair, random scars on the body, low blood pressure, obsession with space, abnormally shaped pupils, good eyesight or hearing, or having a smile that shows your bottom teeth are all “tells” that many believers look for in someone that may be a lizard person. Another characteristic is deep compassion for the fate of mankind.

Is there any evidence for this?

Technically, no. But if you consider possibly altered videos of famous people with weird eyes, then yes. Lots.

How do I know if I’m a lizard person?

Take the quiz on The Atlantic’s article



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