U.S. worker recovered after 18 month abduction in Yemen

Danny Burch, a hostage being held in Yemen for the past 18 months, has been “recovered and reunited with his wife and children,” said Trump on Monday.

Burch was an oil worker, who was allegedly kidnapped by armed Houthi rebels.  The White House released a statement on the recovery saying, “Danny’s recovery reflects the best of what the United States & its partners can accomplish.”

Mike Pompeo expressed his gratitude to several departments for the recovery of Burch.  Burch was born in Louisiana and began working in Yemen in the 1990s according to The New York Times. Burch was an engineer for an oil company and was dropping off his kids at a sporting event when he was abducted by several armed men.

Army Sergeant major Cale Burch, a son of Danny Burch, told the Associated Press that his father was, “safe and that’s all that really matters to me.”

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