Pugador Reggie Klehr smiling for the camera. (Photo by Rachel Klehr and Graphics by Jordan Mareck)
Pugador Reggie Klehr smiling for the camera.

Photo by Rachel Klehr and Graphics by Jordan Mareck

ePAWsode 12

February 21, 2019

The Sartell Doghouse is a weekly article that allows the students of SHS to flex their pets to the rest of the school by sending in pictures to The LeSabre.

This week’s edition of the Sartell Doghouse presents Reggie Klehr. Reggie is a 12-year-old “Pugador” (pug and lab mix) and he is part of junior Rachel Klehr’s family. Reggie was born on April 16th, 2006, and he became a Klehr on May 29th, 2013. Reggie was adopted from the Humane Society when he was two years old and has since nuzzled his way into the hearts of his new family members. In his free time, Reggie likes to snack on Bacon Strips, sleep, go for walks, and watch movies with his family. Reggie is also an outdoorsman, and he enjoys going to the dog park, camping, and going on road trips.

Photo by Rachel Klehr
Pugador Reggie Klehr relaxing on an ottoman and sunbathing.
Photo by Rachel Klehr
Reggie Klehr snoozing the day away per usual.

Although Reggie is a sweetheart, he also has a few vices. According to Rachel, Reggie likes to be the star in the room, and he also likes to follow his humans around and steal food whenever he gets the chance. Rachel explained Reggie’s bad habits, “He stands in the way of everyone in a small space, and he basically walks on your heels until you give him some of your food off your plate.”

If Rachel could communicate with her BFF Reggie, she would ask him, “Do you really have to sleep all day?”

Overall, Reggie is a great friend to Rachel and her family during the good times and the bad. Ever since he left the Humane Society in 2013, he has made himself at home. From Reggie’s “old man” like personality to the way that he cuddles his humans when they are sad, Reggie truly completes the Klehr family.

He’s there when you need him”

— Rachel Klehr

Photo by Rachel Klehr
12 year old Pugador Reggie, a member of junior Rachel Klehr’s family, posing for the camera.

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