Sartell High School Senior Ben Kiewel is featured in the 5th installment of Jobs of Sartell High School. (Hunter Boelz)

Jobs of SHS | Ben Kiewel

November 27, 2018


Brooklyn Madden
Ben Kiwel

Meet SHS Senior Ben Kiewel! Ben is currently employed at the Target located in the Crossroads Mall in Saint Cloud. Ben works as a cashier for Target and also works as a “broista” for the Starbucks inside Target. Ben began working for Target and Starbucks back in July of 2017 and works around 15 hours a week. Read on to learn more about Ben Kiewel’s employment at Target.


Ben said that he likes working for Target and Starbucks because he likes his co-workers and also gets free coffees when he is working for Starbucks. He also said he likes his job because he gets a 15% discount on his Target purchases.

Ben has words of advice for all of his Starbucks customers:

Be patient with your baristas and stop ordering pink drinks as they are annoying to make because of their unoriginality.”

— Ben Kiewel





Ben said the only thing he dislikes about his job is when he has to work twice as many hours a week then what he requested.

Ben also told us about some of his most embarrassing moments while working for Target and Starbucks. Ben has spilled many coffees while working but the most embarrassing moment occurred when he spilled a coffee on his hand, and then threw the drink at a nearby sink while the customer watched the whole event unfold.

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