Emma Rasmussen

This week in the news: October 29th

This Week in the News is a weekly segment dedicated to updating and educating everyone on current events occurring internationally. This time-conscious column will contain quick, concise updates with a goal of keeping everyone informed on the world around them.

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Alec Baldwin arrested

Emma Rasmussen, journalist

Alec Baldwin, an actor known for his Saturday Night Live impersonation of Donald Trump, has been arrested Friday following an assault over a parking space in New York. The NYPD Lieutenant John Gripnel told CNN that the assault occurred on 10thstreet in Manhattan.  Baldwin is in custody at the 6thprecinct and an unidentified 49-year-old man is at a local hospital with an injury to the jaw in wake of...

U.S. imposes Iran sanctions

Emma Rasmussen, Journalist

It has been released this week that the U.S. will re-impose sanctions on Iran after the removal of the 2015 nuclear deal. The sanctions will attempt to target their energy, banking, and shipping economies. President Trump withdrew from the Nuclear deal back in May of this year and has been increasingly re-imposing sanctions since. Analysts say this move by the U.S. will target core parts of the...

Synagogue shooting suspect pleads not guilty

Emma Rasmussen, Journalist

Synagogue shooting suspect, Robert Bowers, entered court Thursday and pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial. This is Bowers’ second court appearance since the shooting that killed 11 at the Tree of Life synagogue. He is facing up to 44 federal charges, 32 of which are punishable by the death penalty. Eleven of the charges deal with obstruction of religious beliefs resulting in death, among...

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