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Jackson Penk

Sartell Senior Shares Hidden Talent

October 26, 2018

One of Sartell high schools students branched out of their comfort zone an decided to share his self-taught talent with the world and down below is his story. Whether you have seen his page or not, this article is about how it all came together and where it might potentially go. Jackson Penk, Senior at SHS, is the creator of the Instagram page @jcp_covers


Saylor Voss
Jackson Penk


Q: How long ago did you start JCP covers?

A: “Almost two months ago.”

Q: What pushed you to start the Instagram page?

A: “I enjoy playing the guitar and enjoy singing, so I decided to see if people would like it and people ended up liking it.  It made me feel good, so I keep posting.”

Q: Do you ever get nervous posting the singing videos in front of all your friends?

A: “Never, if they aren’t supportive then they aren’t a real friend.”

Q: Where do you get inspiration for the songs you make covers on?

A: “Songs I enjoy and songs that I like listening to.”

Saylor Voss
jcp_covers instagram page

Q: Have you thought about possibly pursuing a career in singing?

A: “Yeah, I have thought about it.  It would be really cool, but it also would take a lot of time and it would be hard.  But it’s still a  huge dream of mine.”

Q: What genre of songs do you usually sing?

A: “Country, but I am still open to trying new things.”

Q: Have you thought about changing up the type of songs you sing?

A: “Yeah, I am open to what people are interested in, and I am down to try it.”

Q: Do you receive a lot of support for the videos?

A: “Yeah I do.  After the first video, people came up and told me they liked it, and it was from people I didn’t expect”

Q: What are some of your favorite songs to sing?

A: “My best ones are I Got A Way With You and Greatest Love Story.   but people say Feeling Whitney was their favorite.”

Just do what makes you happy and don’t care what other people think. It’s important to be you and find new ways to express yourself. ”

— Jackson Penk


Jackson Penk
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