Ashley Kesler

Brenna and Morgan at Soccer.

Partners in Crime: Brenna Chisholm and Morgan Kirchner

October 5, 2018

Students of Sartell High School, Brenna and Morgan are the perfect example of two peas in a pod. Their friendship is something that inspires everyone around them which made them perfect candidates for the feature, Partners in Crime.


What is Morgan’s favorite color?

Brenna’s answer: Pink

Correct answer: Blue


If Morgan could shop anywhere for the rest of her life, where would she shop?

Brenna’s answer: Forever 21

Correct answer: Forever 21


Ashley Kesler
Brenna and Morgan at a football game.



What does Morgan get from Starbucks/caribou?

Brenna’s answer: Frappuccinos

Correct answer: Frappuccinos


Who is Morgan’s Celebrity Crush?

Brenna’s answer: Mac Miller

Correct answer: Max Kepler


What is Morgan’s favorite food?

Brenna’s answer: Pizza

Correct answer: French Fries

Ashley Kesler
Brenna and Morgan at school.


What is Morgan’s favorite show on Netflix?

Brenna’s answer: Greys Anatomy

Correct answer: Greys Anatomy


What is Morgan’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Brenna’s answer: Strawberry

Correct answer: Cotton Candy


What is Morgan’s favorite animal?

Brenna’s answer: Koala Bear

Correct answer: Koala Bear


What is Morgan’s favorite candy?

Brenna’s answer: Sour Patch Kids

Correct answer: Sour Patch Kids



What is Brenna’s favorite color?

Morgan’s answer: Blue

Correct answer: Pink


If Brenna could shop anywhere for the rest of her life, where would she shop?

Brenna Chisholm
Brenna and Morgan.

Morgan’s answer: Lululemon

Correct answer: Lululemon


What does Brenna get from Starbucks/caribou?

Morgan’s answer: Smoothies

Correct answer: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie


Who is Brenna’s Celebrity Crush?

Morgan’s answer: Zac Efron

Correct answer: Ryan Gosling


What is Brenna’s favorite food?

Morgan’s answer: Watermelon

Correct answer: Noodles


What is Brenna’s favorite show on Netflix?

Morgan’s answer: Criminal Minds

Correct answer: Criminal Minds

Eve Chisholm
Brenna and Morgan chest bumping.



What is Brenna’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Morgan’s answer: Vanilia

Correct answer: Vanilia


What is Brenna’s favorite animal?

Morgan’s answer: Puppies

Correct answer: Puppies


What is Brenna’s favorite candy?

Morgan’s answer: Kit Kat

Correct answer: Kit Kat


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