This is a picture of Gizmo the reptile. (Brice Douvier-Gore)
This is a picture of Gizmo the reptile.

Brice Douvier-Gore

Pets of Sartell

May 19, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.

Taelor Nebel
This is a picture of Gucci the cat hanging out.

The first pet of the week is Gucci Nebel. Gucci belongs to junior Taelor Nebel. Gucci is a domestic shorthair tuxedo cat that Taylor got back in 2005. Gucci is 12 years old and likes to eat tuna and chase hair ties. A special ability she has is the ability to differentiate between a bag of Ruffle chips and a bag of tortilla chips. Her favorite toy is a big yellow feather that she likes to chase around the house. A weird quirk that she has is her fondness of running at the speed of sound from one end of the house to another. She also somehow jumps into really tall objects that Taelor has no idea how she gets into. Taelor remembers when she was just a kid Gucci would push her Barbie helmet all around the floor. Gucci loves being the star of the house, but at the end of the day, her ability to chill with Taelor and be her special friend truly makes her a special cat.

She is chill and sassy, like super sassy.”

— Taelor Nebel

Gucci’s Photo Album


Brice Douvier-Gore
Gretta and Gizmo hanging out.

The second pets of the week are Gizmo and Gretta Douvier-Gore. This dynamic duo belongs to senior Brice Douvier-Gore. Gizmo was born sometime last September, and Gretta was born sometime in January. These two Crested Geckos love to sleep during the day and are more active at night. They love to jump in the trees that are in their cage. They love to go on the fake seaweed that is in their little home. Gizmo and Gretta do not really mind anything at all, they are pretty calm, but they like to leap for no reason at all sometimes. They love to hang out with humans, in fact Harper was hanging out with Gizmo and they had a staring contest for like an hour straight while Gizmo was on his arm.

They just leap to their demise.”

— Brice Douvier-Gore

Gizmo and Gretta’s Photo Album

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