Molly stares into camera. (Rachel Asfeld)
Molly stares into camera.

Rachel Asfeld

Pets of Sartell

May 18, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.


Rachel Asfeld
A photo of Molly being curious.

The first pet of the week is a mirrored tuxedo cat named Molly Asfeld. Molly belongs to senior Rachel Asfeld. Rachel got Molly in June of 2016, and she is now three years old. During the day, Molly likes to hide under beds, and during the night around 10pm, she likes to play when Rachel wants to sleep. Molly does not really like to play with toys, but she enjoys hair ties and feathers. Molly will sit in a dining room chair when she wants to be fed and will put hair ties in her water bowl to let someone know that it is running low. If you try to feed Molly human food out of your hand she will just smell it and then walk away. Molly likes to be around people she knows, so she does not like the bathroom door closed and will try to open it when it is closed.

She likes to watch movies, not TV shows, just movies.”

— Rachel Asfeld

Molly’s Photo Album


Jax Pelzer
This is a photo of Stella relaxing.

The second pet of the week is Stella Pelzer. Stella belongs to senior Jax Pelzer and his family. This cute dog is an English bulldog mix. Stella was adopted sometime in May of 2015 and was born in March of that year. Stella is a pretty hyper and crazy dog. She does not really have a favorite toy, as she destroys them all. Stella does not like being left in her kennel, and she starts to cry when she gets put in it. Stella will always let you know when she is hungry because she will ram into people to let them know that she wants to eat. Stella also loves to jump on the furniture but then again, what dog doesn’t.

Stella’s Photo Album

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