jobs of shs (Lexie Lamont)
jobs of shs

Lexie Lamont

Jobs of SHS: Allison Koopman

Many students of Sartell High School have jobs, and it's time for those jobs to be showcased! I will be interviewing a new student each week to share their job and the experiences they have had in the workforce.

May 9, 2018

Meet SHS senior Allison Koopman! Ally is currently employed at Fudgin’ Delicious Ice Cream located in Crossroads Mall by Victoria’s Secret and JC Penny. Ally was hired at Fudgin’ Delicious March of 2018. She is currently helping with the Fudgin’ Delicious store set up, and they plan on opening this May. In the past, Ally worked for Community Ed soccer and pitch ball as a coach.

Come visit me at Fudgin’ Delicious Ice Cream this summer!”

— Allison Koopman

Lexie Lamont
Ally Koopman serves Ice Cream at Fudgin’ Delicious.

Ally said the craziest thing that has ever happened while working at Fudgin’ Delicious was when they were unpacking a bunch of items in the store and some glass broke. Other than that, nothing else too crazy has happened.

When I asked Ally about her favorite part of her job she said: “I love all of the people that work there and how ‘chill’ the job is… it’s very relaxed and not super strict.” Ally also loves that she can get free ice cream when she is working.

In the summertime, Ally plans on working 25-30 hours per week at Fudgin’ Delicious so be sure to stop by and get some great ice cream and home decor!

Allison Koopman
Fudgin’ Delicous sneak-peek at Crossroads Mall.






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