This is Rosie the dog. (Chris Silman)
This is Rosie the dog.

Chris Silman

Pets of Sartell

April 22, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.

Sam Helberg
This is a picture of Sasha the cat.

The first pet of the week is Sasha Helberg. This cat belongs to senior Sam Helberg and his family. Sasha is a 9 year old Maine Coon cat who loves to lay in the sun on a nice day. Sasha also enjoys being petted and brushed and enjoys sitting in her chair in their living room. Sasha was adopted when she was only a few months old as a Christmas present to their dad. Sam says that Sasha is a super chill cat because she never demands attention but still gives affection and will approach people. Sam also says that Sasha likes the musician lil pump.

Sasha is a 10/10 cat.”

— Sam Helberg

Sasha’s Photo Album


Chris Silman
This is a picture of Rosie the dog.

The next pet of the week is Rosie Silman. Rosie belongs to senior Chris Silman and his family. Rosie is a sleepy dog who enjoys sleeping on the top of couch cushions. Rosie is a little lazier as she is getting older, but she still gets very excited easily. She does not have a favorite toy as she typically chews them all up, but she likes to sleep with a blanket that Chris had as a child. Rosie is more reserved type, as she does not enjoy other animals much, but she loves to bark at random noises, other dogs, and sometimes for no reason at all. Rosie loves doing typical dog things like going for walks (although she gets distracted) and getting attention with being pet and belly rubs.

Rosie’s Photo Album

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