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Ally Schreiner

Pets of Sartell

March 9, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.

The first pet of the week is Sierra Schoon. Sierra belongs to senior Logan Schoon and his family. Sierra is a Golden Retriever who was born in June of 2017 and was adopted by Logan and his family in August of 2017. When Sierra was on her way to her new home, she kept trying to go everywhere in the car because she was so excited. Sierra loves to play tug of war, and her favorite toy is a stuffed pizza. She likes to be the center of attention because she loves people paying attention to her. Sierra is a little clumsy sometimes, so she tends to run into walls.

She runs into walls a lot”

— Logan Schoon

Sierra’s Photo Album


The second pet of the week is a pet duo of Leo and Bagel Schreiner. They belong to senior Ally Schreiner. Leo is a bearded dragon, and Bagel is a leopard gecko. Ally got her lizards in April of 2017. Leo and Bagel enjoy chilling in their comfy cages, and around the house. A fun fact is that they enjoy eating blueberries. They like to watch Ally play the guitar, and see whats going on around the house. If her lizards had a personality, they would be the annoying friend. One of Ally’s memories was when she brought her lizards to school one day, and they had to hang out in Peterson’s office all day.

Leo and Bagel’s Photo Album


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